Head Chef Job Description

Head Chef Job Description

This head chef job description can be used as a  ready-to-use template for posting a head chef job advertisement. With a few little changes, The job description can be also used in a resume. 

Head Chef, also known as the Chief Chef is primarily the master of the professional kitchen. Being the most important position in a restaurant, the job description of a head chef needs to be clearly defined and calculative. HR must take extra care while defining the roles and responsibilities of the head chef. 

An ideal head chef job description must include a detailed list of roles and responsibilities, requirements, and KRAs. 

The job description also must outline the CTC, perks, and other benefits. 

Head chef duties and responsibilities

  1. Responsible for managing the end to end kitchen operations 
  2. Overseeing the food preparation and presentation process in line with the laid out guidelines and highest standards
  3. Creating new menus or updating existing dishes with the sous chef and chef de partie ensuring the variety and quality of the servings 
  4. Keeping a close eye on presentation and polishing the dishes before they reach the customer. 
  5. Budgeting, planning, food purchasing, and inventory management
  6. Maintaining the highest standard of hygiene in the kitchen area
  7. Overseeing Recruitment, training, and mentoring process for junior chefs and commis
  8. Arranging repairs and replacement of broken equipment and appliances 
  9. Promote a climate of positive work culture and motivate the workers as and when required. 


  1. Prior experience in working as a Head Chef with a reputed restaurant, cruise, or similar organization
  2. Exceptional kitchen management skills
  3. Ability in delegating and monitoring responsibilities 
  4. Outstanding communication and leadership skills
  5. Up to date with the culinary trends and professional kitchen operations 
  6. Familiar with computer programs like MS Office, restaurant management software, and POS
  7. Trained in health and safety standards
  8. Professional degree in hotel management, culinary science, or similar certification

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