Real Estate Analyst Job Description And Profile

Real Estate Analyst Job Description And Profile

Real Estate Analyst Job Description And Profile: This article intends to provide a detailed insight into the roles and responsibilities of a real estate analyst, functions, salaries, and required skills to become a real estate analyst

Like any other analyst, A real estate analyst helps the organization with inputs on financials, sales & purchase, market data, pricing, property acquisition, and leasing for certain properties. The primary job of a real estate analyst is to provide insights on real estate market trends, competition mapping, market growth, fundamentals, research, economic conditions, etc.  A real estate analyst can be a reliable source of information on economic conditions, market trends, and financial situations. 

The real estate analysts work with large size real estate investment firms and consulting firms providing real estate consulting services to large size investors. The analyst is primarily responsible for providing data-based inputs on investments, trends, and projections. Real estate analysts are hired to assess and identify risks and opportunities. The position can be an independent or a team role. 

The analyst is also responsible for assisting the management, client, and stakeholders with purchases, evaluations, and projections of real estate projects and the market. 

Real Estate Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

A real estate analyst performs the following roles and responsibilities. Most companies follow a similar job description. However, it is recommended that you modify the below mentioned job descriptions as per the needs of the organization. 

Real Estate Analyst Job Description And Profile:

  • The analyst is responsible for preparing and publishing periodical market performance assessment (MPA) reports for his client and stakeholders.
  • The analyst prepares and maintains a market rating system for the assigned clients, properties and investments. He is responsible for monitoring and analysing the commercial and residential real estate market conditions using past data, reasearch, trends and records
  • The analyst is also responsible for managing company’s real estate holdings, keeping a close eye on market trends, government policies, infrastructural changes, profit opportunities and potential losses. 
  • He is responsible for monitoring key demographic and economic changes in the assigned market, preparing and submitting a report to the superiors of the key developments.
  • The analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining working relationships with authorites, internal and external sources such as appriasers, brokers and real estate research organisations..

Required Knowledge and Skills

A real estate analyst has to be someone super strong with numbers, data analytics, logical and must be able to simplyfy the complex details into actionable reports. Apart from the analysis, the analyst performs an array of other workes like conducting research, gathering data and reports, maintaining a healthy relationship with clients, management, and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth coordination. The analyst must possess fluent communication skills, computer skills, an eye for detail, great at explaining complex data and preparing reports.

Real Estate Analyst Salary

A real estate analyst earns about $92000 – $1,54000 pa in USA.

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