The best list of Skills for Resume

Skills for Resume

One thing that always bothers HR Professionals is the “Shortage of Skills” in the market. These skills for resume are always high in demand. Employers love them.

One thing that a recruiter would never miss is the skill section of your resume. And if your list of skills is not what he/she is looking for, you’re done. 

List of Skills to Put on Your Resume

A wrong list of skills on your resume can screw your chances. You need to be extra careful at choosing the skills to include on your resume. Let’s talk about the skills that will help you effectively market your resume. 

Spend a few minutes reading the job description, then tailor your resume to fit the job description. As well as position-specific skills, there are some other commonly desired skills that every employer wants. 

Below, We have shared a list of top skills employers look for when evaluating candidates, as well as recommendations about the list of professional skills you should mention on your resume to help you get hired.

What are the right skills to put on your resume? 

Don’t worry, in a few minutes, you’ll learn exactly what to do.

This article will show you:

  • Examples of most desired skills to put on a resume for all types of jobs.
  • List of skills to include on a resume to attract more interviews
  • How to highlight job skills on a resume 
  • How to write about important job skills on a resume.

There are two types of skills you’d have to mention on your resume. 

  1. Soft skills
  2. Hard Skills

Soft skills are the natural talent that we develop over a period of time through our experiences and learnings. 

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Hard skills are abilities that you learn through your education, on-job training, certifications, technical know-how, and anything related to a specific job. 

Your resume is the first thing the hiring manager is going to look at. A resume is the best place to highlight your skills, achievements, and expertise.

But before you start stuffing your resume with the below-mentioned job skills, you must go through the job description carefully. And look out for specific key skills that the employer is seeking. 

Read through for a few times and spot a minimum of four or five key skills for resume. It is best to focus on those skills in your resume. 

What are the best professional skills to put on your resume? 

There are hundreds of soft skills to put on your resume. But do you which ones to include? 

Below is a list of the most important list of soft skills you should be using in your resume. 

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

This is one of the most basic skills employers expect from a job seeker. No matter what your position is, your employer expects you to find a solution to his problems. 

  1. Critical thinking Skills

A critical thinker is someone who thinks rationally in every situation. Rational thinker always come up with a better solution to a problem 

  1. Flexibility Skills

Employers always prefer candidates who are flexible and dynamic. They can adapt to every situation and can be relied upon.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are verbal and written in nature. The better you are at it, the better results you will get. Being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and the boss is again a basic necessity of an ideal candidate. 

  1. Teamwork Skills

We are not cavemen now, Are we? Every potential candidate is expected to be a team player. Employers want to know that how you can get along with with other people at work

  1. Organization Skills

No, we are not talking about how you maintain your wardrobe. But we are talking about your organization skills at work. Employers always prefer someone with great organizing skills. 

  1. Creativity Skills

Some job roles expect you to think out of the box. Being creative and coming up with a new style of working or process is a highly demanded skill at work.

  1. Emotional Intelligence skills

Employers would never hire an individual who can’t control his/her emotions. At the workplace, you are expected to deal with all kinds of people with a rational mindset. You don’t go around losing your mind. It’s a must-have skill to put on your resume if you are a management candidate.

  1. Attention to detail Skill

Again an important skill to put on your resume, attention to detail is expected you to perform every job you are assigned. Every small mistake will cost the business. Employers always prefer candidates who are attentive and follow all the instructions in order to complete. 

  1. Responsibility Skills

Being responsible for your job and delivery is a basic requirement. Most managers prefer candidates who are self-driven and do their jobs without any fuss. 

Top Hard Skills For Your Resume

Hard skills are your technical know-how, industry knowledge, process knowledge, software, hardware skills earned by learning on the job, or by training and certifications.  Each industry has its own set of hard skills. You might want to read the job description carefully before putting them on your resume. Then there are some common hard skills expected by every employer.

  1. Basic Computer Skills, Software, and other technical application

Your employer expects some basic computer skills to perform day to day operations effectively. Some employer expects you to be more skilled in certain software, hardware, or some other technical application required to perform your job effectively. 

The job description would give you a fair idea of what kind of computer skills you are required to possess. 

  1. Design Skills

There are several industry-specific design skills like graphic design, web design required to perform your job. If your employer demands these skills, you must have them on your resume. 

  1. Data Analysis Skills

Data Analysis skill requires you to analyze metrics and extrapolate a   practical use of large business data

  1. Negotiation Skills

If you are in sales of a product and service, putting negotiation skills is a must on your resume. 

  1. Project Management Skills 

If your job specifically demands project management skills, you must put them on your resume. Project management skill is the ability to manage a complete project or assignment involving multiple individuals and departments. 

  1. Marketing Skills

Marketing involves the promotion and sales of products and services.

  1. Administrative Skills

This is again the most desired and a must-have skill on a resume. Every job demands you to perform certain basic administration at work like organizing, planning, scheduling, writing emails, maintaining documents, reports, and managing files.

  1. Foreign Languages

Being bilingual can always come to great advantage. It is common to need someone with fluency in two or more languages to help clients and colleagues.

How to Organize the Skills Section on Your CV

  • Highlight the skills section
  • Short by relevance 
  • Avoid overstuffing
  • Categorize where necessary 

For every position, you apply to, be ready to customize the skills section of your resume as per the requirement. 

You may also incorporate some key skills in your experience section, as you describe the roles and responsibilities of your past employment.

These key skills will help your cv get past the automated parsing systems employer often use to select applicants to interview. 

If you need additional help in determining what skills to put on your resume, consider calling our expert resume writer for a quick chat. 

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