How To Explain Employment Gap In Resume And Job Interview

employment gap in resume

How to explain the employment gap in your resume?

Short term jobs are one of the most common mistakes I have seen job applicants making. When it comes to hiring recruiters prefer candidates with a stable career history.  Explaining an employment gap in your resume can be hard, but not impossible.

Your interviewer fears that you may leave this position as soon as you find something else. Hence you are not a credible candidate and probably you won’t even be called in for the job interview. 

Frequent job changes are one of the reasons you don’t get enough interview calls or you got rejected in the last interview. 

If you have somehow landed on this page you might want to start taking your career seriously. No matter what your reasons are, job-hopping is a serious threat to your career.  

First, even before you start your job search, you must try to minimize your image as a job hopper. Start working out on a stable career. 

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I do not recommend my candidates to manipulate or hide information on a resume or in a job interview. You must be bold enough to handle the question and interviewer! Lies won’t help you.

An employment gap in the resume does not mean that you are not employable.

First, ask yourself why have you had so many jobs? 

Were you fired? did you switch for more money? location problem? salary issues? Anything to do with colleagues?  

You must have a genuine reason for the employment gap in resume. 

How to explain short employment on your resume and interview?

  • If there are multiple experience entries on your resume of less than a year, consider eliminating the irrelevant ones. 
  • If you are already in the middle of a job interview,  reassure your interviewer. 
  • You may describe every job as part of an overall pattern of growth and career destination.
  • Do not blame others for your job changes. Just tell them things were beyond your control 
  • Talk about an ideal employer that you want to stick to and grow with. And this organization is everything that you are looking for. And also you are more interested in a long-term opportunity.

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