How to write a job winning Resume?

how to write a resume for job

You must have heard that most recruiters spend only 15-30 seconds going over a CV. Hence, It is imperative that it creates a good first impression and gets the job done. Every company is different and so is every job profile. If you want results, You must prepare a CV that is written according to the job description and company you are applying for. You can’t send the same CV for every job opportunity you find on google. Here is a guide on how to write a resume for a job.

However, I must tell you there are a few things considered common to all CVs and they must be considered while making a job-winning resume.

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Easy to read:
Imagine yourself reading a story without headings, no order, no well-defined characters, and a messy plot. Your cv is your story. You must make sure that your CV is in chronological order, has clear and consistent sections with defined headings, no fancy fonts or size. Make sure you highlight your achievements with the help of bullet points and also no long paragraphs, please. Remember if you make that boring, you lose that opportunity.

Trust me, recruiters are very busy. You have just one chance to impress them. Don’t miss it.

how to write a resume for job

Create proper section headers to segregate the CV:
It’s highly important to classify the resume into proper sections. It’s like a navigation system. You must choose relevant headers to help the recruiter gain an idea about what to expect in a certain section.

Content is the KING and the QUEEN:
You know they say kings are generous queens are wise. Do not just go on writing irrelevant information about your career or hobbies and so on. Recruiters are looking out for high-quality only relevant content and not long paragraphs. An ideal resume should not be more than two pages. You need to use that space wisely.

Error Free:
Always double-check your resume for spelling errors after writing or making any changes.

Highlight your relevant skills:
Try to focus on the skills that are relevant to the job or industry you are applying in. If you are switching to a new career or industry, your skills will be key to showcasing your potential.

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