How to address a gap on your resume

When Kirti decided to have a break from work for her pregnancy, she vowed to be back soon. But she didn’t realize motherhood can be overwhelming and she was forced to be a stay-at-home mom for a longer period than she had planned for.

She’s not alone. there are millions of women in India and across the world who take extended breaks from work and sometimes never return to work at all.

Taking a break from work takes a toll on their skills, expertise, and knowledge. though you may have learned several other things during your break, it may not necessarily fit into your skills and experience on your cv.

Here is how you must try to address the gap on your resume.

Create a functional resume
the best way to address a gap on your resume is to diminish its visibility. Instead of creating a chronological resume create a functional resume that focuses on your skills, experience, and expertise.
Take a good look at the job description of the position that you are applying for and tailor your cv according to the requirements.


Work on your summary part
Think of the summary on top of your resume as a short story of your career. You should talk about your experience, skills, and achievements and what you want to work on next. Feel free to add the skills that you learned during the break in the skill section as well as the summary.

Remember, the hiring authorities are always in search of the candidate who is clear with his/her thoughts and future goals.

If you still need some help with your cv writing, feel free to let me know.

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