Thank you email after the interview Samples | How to Write an After Interview Thank You Letter

how to write thank you letter after interview

Thank you letter after interview Samples & step by step guide

You had a great interview last week and you are very positive about the results. But you did not hear from the interviewers. And now, It’s been quite a few days since everything went cold and you can’t figure out what went wrong. Do you know what went wrong? You forgot to send them an interview thank you letter. It’s time for a follow-up. it’s time to write an after interview Thank You Email and

You are not alone. That happens to a lot of candidates. You’d be surprised to know more than 70% of candidates don’t write a “thank you letter after Interview”. If you haven’t done it yet, It’s time to send them an Interview thank you letter and a quick follow up on your interview. 

What is an interview thank you letter?

Showing gratitude for something is one of the most admired gestures in the world. A small thank you can do wonders. It spreads happiness and acts as a motivator to help them keep going. If you have just finished an interview, you should know how much effort the hiring manager has put in to meet you. Going through a hundred profiles a day and shortlisting a few for the interview is not an easy job. 

If you are going through an interview process, imagine meeting an already tired interviewer, if it isn’t your best day, you might not get that job offer. And no it’s not because you did not answer all the questions properly. But it’s because your interviewer was expecting something more. Writing a short and sweet thank you letter after the interview can do a lot of difference. It allows you to sell yourself as a candidate and an effective communicator. 

It is also an opportunity to show some gratitude towards the hiring manager for his efforts and shows your appreciative side of personality. 

An interview thank you letter can be a short email or a mail whatever you prefer. You may also use your thank you letter to highlight your skills and experience, and show that you are a good match for the position.

Why is it important to write a thank-you letter after an interview?

If you thought the interview process was over after your interview, you’re wrong.  Most of the candidates don’t send a thank you letter after the interview. Do you think it’s necessary? I’d say absolutely yes. 

When you write a thank you email after the interview, you give yourself yet another opportunity to influence the hiring manager’s decisions in your favor. Just don’t forget to reiterate your interest in the position and company. 

When to send an interview thank you email?

Although you can mail a thank-you letter to your interviewer whenever you want, it’s best to email within 24 hours of the interview instead. When you email, you can connect with the hiring team much more quickly and influence their decision before they complete the hiring process.

A thank you letter after interview gives you an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position, the company and also improves your chances of getting hired. 

What to include in a thank-you letter after an interview

Writing a short thank you email after interview is really simple. Follow the below-mentioned points to draft best a“thank you letter after interview”., 

  • A crisp subject line

If you are planning to send an interview thank-you email, you need a subject line that conveys gratitude and your message effectively. Remember writing a cold subject line like “thank you for your time” may work for some, but not that effective. Try adding something warmer and sweet like great to meet you today. 

  • Personalized greeting

Writing a generic message never helps. Remember, you are addressing it to a person, not a robot. A personalized greeting like “Dear ( Name)” or “Hello “(Name), is a preferred way of starting a conversation. It shows that you know who you are talking to. Interview thank you emails must always start with a proper salutation and be addressed to the right person. If you do not have the name, find it.  Remember the name of your interviewers and coordinators. 

  • A moment for appreciation

As I said, showing gratitude for something is the most appreciated gesture in the world. Begin writing your email with an expression of your gratitude. Take time to thank the interviewer for his time, efforts, and hospitality. For example, you can start like this, “Thank you for your time. And it was a pleasure meeting you to discuss the sales manager position today.

  • Reiterate your interest in the position 

Next, its time to reiterate your interest in the position. You can start with a brief recap of your skills, experience, and why you think you are the best match for the position. Show them how excited and interested you are in the position and company. Try to connect your skills, past experience to the requirements, talk about your past achievements, and why you are a strong contender for the position. 

  • Call to action (To take the next step)

Writing a gratitude note isn’t enough. You need a closing para too. It’s also known as a “call to action”. Encourage the interviewer to take the next step. In the hiring process. Requesting a short call or an email to take things ahead is a must. Mention something that you learned during your interview and request a chance to discuss that in detail. Closing your interview thank you email with a proper call to action can push you one step ahead of your competition. 

  • Your contact details

When was the last time you wrote an email or letter without ending it with your contact details? How do you expect them to get in touch with you?

 Don’t forget to mention your contact details. Your interviewer might have these details already. But putting them in your email or letter can make things easier for the interviewer. You may include your email, phone number, and alternate phone number at the end of your email.

Sending a short interview thank you email to thank the hiring manager and your recruiter can make a big difference between getting hired and being rejected. 

Of course, that does not mean you’d get hired if your interview went badly from start to finish, but an interview thank you letter can definitely sway their decision if it’s neck-and-neck between you and another candidate!

So, here are some great thank you email samples to follow up after your interview. 

Let’s get started…

How to Write a “Thank You Letter After Interview”? 

You must keep it simple silly. Keep it short, but personalized. don’t just copy-paste a generic “Thank you letter after interview” from the internet. You must customize your message to the specific hiring manager and company using an appropriate format.

Few things to keep in mind before you start writing an interview thank you letter.

  1. Choose the proper format. 

Yes, you must choose an appropriate format that suits the organization.

  1. Send to the right person and address

After you finish your interview, you must ask for the visiting cards if not already exchanged at the beginning of the interview from the people who interviewed you. so you have the correct contact details of your interviewers.

If you are not sure, contact the recruiter or HR staff members (very apologetically).

You must email a separate email to every interviewer you met. 

  1. Write a personalized thank you letter in your own words

Don’t just copy and paste it from the internet. It’s not cool. Trust me the hiring manager won’t like it and you’d ruin your chances.

  1. Do not forget to add your contact details. 

In case, The interviewer wants to call you for a quick discussion. 

  1. Send immediately 

You mustn’t wait for an eternity to send that thank you letter email. Preferably by the next day. Even if you had a bad interview, this one gesture can turn the tables for you. If in case you forgot to send a thank you letter email until a week or more after the interview, send it anyway. Don’t forget to apologize for the delay.

Remember, most recruiters pay very close attention to how well you follow up after the interview. They are waiting for your follow up thank you letter before they take a call on the position.

How to write a thank you letter email after the interview. [Step-By-Step Guide]

  • after interview thank you email samples

Subject: “Thank you for your time | Interview Position | Interview Date”

  1. Email body: Begin with an appropriate greeting
  2. Then start the main body of your email by thanking them and appreciating them for their time during the interview
  3. Next, mention a specific topic that you enjoyed talking about in the interview, or if you learned anything specific about the interviewer, company, or management.
  4. reiterate your interest in the job and tell them  how excited you are to hear about the next steps
  5. Mention your contact details and invite them for quick discussion if they have any more questions or concerns 
  6. Include a piece of additional information about something that shows you as an ideal candidate for the position. 

Sample thank you letter after interview

Hello <Interviewer’s Name>,

I just wanted to thank you for your time <yesterday/Friday/etc> and inviting me for the interview. I enjoyed our conversation about <specific topic you discussed> and enjoyed learning about the <Job Title> position overall. 

It sounds like an exciting opportunity, and an opportunity I could succeed and excel in! I’m looking forward to hearing any updates you can share, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime.

Thanks again for the great conversation <yesterday/Friday/etc>.

Best Regards,

<Your Name>

Thank you sample letter interview

Hi <Name>,

Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I really enjoyed learning more about your organization and where you see the company going in the next couple of years.

To follow up on our conversation about potential changes in the supply chain, I’ve attached a short deck I mocked up on my initial ideas for increasing the bottom lines. Happy to discuss further if you see it being a helpful resource.

I can tell <company> is a special place to work, and I would be thrilled to join such an innovative, hardworking, and passionate team of individuals. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can provide to make your hiring decision easier.

Best regards,

Your name

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