Interview Question & Answer: What makes you angry?

What makes you angry interview answer

How to Answer what makes you angry Interview Question!

What makes you angry? Are you a short-tempered individual? Or you are someone with a calm mind? Some jobs require a lot of patience, you can not go around losing your head.  Employees are expected to maintain discipline and a healthy work environment. Management wouldn’t like employees fighting with each other and ruin the work culture. I wouldn’t like a hothead working for me. Would you?

What makes you angry is a classic example of a behavioral interview question, i.e., a question designed to show how you’d behave in a stressed situation at the workplace.

What makes you angry is a question that might make you look like a hothead or wimp if answered carelessly. Think twice before you answer this question. 

What makes you angry interview

Your interviewer is trying to determine how you react to stressful situations in the workplace or how you handle your personal emotions without letting them affect your performance. 

Some positions demand an authoritative individual to handle the workforce. You need to prepare an answer that is suitable for both your personality and the requirement and management style of the company. For that, you have to do your homework well in advance.

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How to answer, what makes you angry interview question 

Your answer should have two parts, first a description of the incident that angered you, and then an example of how you handled the situation and your anger.

Remember, Avoid bringing up an event that involves your manager, your boss, or someone from management, since employers will prefer to side with employers and may perceive you as an easily disgruntled employee.

You can’t even say that you are an incarnation of lord buddha and you have complete control over your emotions. Try to present yourself as someone who, like most people, occasionally get annoyed by certain situations, but doesn’t lash out in an outburst of anger. 

For example, try saying, “When I’m on a tight schedule and working to finish a task, I get frustrated if I find my team member slacking off.

Also, don’t sound as if you blame others for everything.

What makes you angry interview Answer Examples: 

“I have a very calm mind and I’m a positive person by nature, I prefer maintaining my composure in adverse situations. And this has helped me achieve my objectives without much hassle. I’m also a very committed individual and I prefer my team members to contribute with the same passion and energy.

I believe in having a robust workflow, clearly defined KRA & goals and a team that knows what is expected of them, getting people’s commitment to those goals, and then following up continuously to check progress.”

“If I find things are not going as expected, I want to know about it before it’s too late. If, after having that kind of communication system, I find someone not doing his/her job well, I’ll want to know why And still If they do not have a reasonable answer to that, then I might lose my head and get angry and take appropriate action from there.  

Instead, I prefer hiring a team that’s highly motivated and needs minimal guidance. And when you hire a team like that,  work with them to strive for excellence, and then follow up constantly, it almost never gets to that state.”

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