Worried about your resume? Here is everything you must know before hiring a resume writing service in India

Whether you are writing a fresh resume from scratch or updating the old one, resume writing is a tough job. It takes a great amount of time, concentration and effort. Also, you should be good with words. After all, your resume is going to represent your knowledge, personality and your hard-earned experience.

That’s why many job seekers resort to hiring a professional resume writer.
But at the same time, hiring the right resume writer is also a tricky job.

There are over 100+ resume writing companies and thousands of freelance resume writers in India. So how do you find the right resume writer? Who should you trust with your resume? How to identify the right resume writer?

Here, let me help you understand this before you start evaluating the Resume Writing Services.

Hire only qualified resume writers.
To avoid getting stuck with an inexperienced resume writer, you need to identify the resume writers with relevant industry experience. Do your research, ask for samples if you need. There are hundreds of resume writers with no relevant experience in resume writing or recruitments. Someone who has got no formal training in hiring, HR, recruitment or CV Writing will not be able to give you the desired result. Ask the right questions and you’d find the right resume writer in no time.

resume writing services in mumbai
Resume writing services in mumbai

The cost of resume writing service
Many resume writing consultants offer an unbelievably low rate. That raises a serious question about the quality they have to offer. A low-cost resume writing service may sound lucrative but ask yourself if you are ready to compromise on the quality. At the same time, “higher the cost-higher the quality” is also an illusion when it comes to resume writing. Irrespective of the cost, Your resume writer may not possess the right skills to deliver the result. Pay for the knowledge, not the brand.

Read the fine prints.
Offering unlimited revisions or promising to double your interview calls or offering a refund sounds too good to be true. Your resume writer should not take more than 2-3 revisions to get your resume ready. A resume writing promising a refund isn’t confident about his writing skills. It’s better to stay away from such resume writers. The number of interview calls are usually dependent on multiple other factors like location, the number of available jobs, the number of candidates looking for the same job and how you distribute your resume. A professional resume writer will help you with your job search, will offer you his knowledge and will not just sell his services.

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