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Unlike any other country, India has been blessed with a younger working population. With the economic liberalization, India has witnessed a surge in global investments and that has helped India create more and more jobs. However, India has still a long way to go. India produces millions of fresh job seekers every year. Finding a suitable is still a distant dream for most Indian job seekers. Most first-time job seekers do not even know how to find a suitable job. In this article, you’ll learn how to make a resume for the Indian job market, Download Indian Resume Format for job for experienced and fresher job seekers, Resume Types, and a complete guide on job successful job search.

Congratulations on completing your studies! It’s time to find your dream job. It’s not that easy. But it’s also not very hard if you know how to approach it. Stay tuned. 

This article contains a complete step by step guide on writing a professional resume for freshers with no work experience. Student resume formats and tips on including resume summary, objectives, key skills, education, and other details. 

Every year India produces approximately 30-35 million fresh graduates. However, if you look at the number of available jobs against the number of applicants, finding a decent job in India is not an easy task. 

If you are a fresh graduate, looking to start your career, you must be prepared to compete against millions of other job applicants. 

But as I said, if you know how to approach, you’ll land your dream job pretty soon. 

resume writing services in mumbai
Resume writing services in mumbai

A successful job search starts with a resume. A resume that can help you stand out from the crowd. A fresher resume that can get you hired. 

There are two kinds of resumes. Chronological resume formats and functional resume formats. 

A resume format for a fresher is also known as a student resume. Also, a fresher resume is the best example of a functional resume format. Specifically curated to target entry-level positions, student resumes do not contain any or minimum work experience. 

Fresher resumes are also designed to highlight the skills, education, and potential of the applicants. 

Choosing the right Indian resume format for freshers is very crucial for a successful job search. You simply can not pick any resume format and start writing your resume. 

indian resume format

In this article, We are going to help you understand the importance of every section of the resume. You’ll also learn the best tricks and tips on writing a professional fresher resume directly from the recruiters. 

You can  also download Word and PDF sample resume formats 

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Tips on writing a great fresher resume. 

  1. Size matters! An ideal resume should not be more than 2 pages. However, try to limit it to one page. A single-page resume has enough space to include all the required information. 
  2. Don’t mess with the fonts. Using an oversized and fancy font on your resume can kill your chances. Keep it simple and professional. We recommend Arial, Verdana, and Calibri. 
  3. Choose colors wisely. A few fresher resume formats let you experiment with colors. However, keep in mind, anything too flashy can ruin your chances. 
  4. Include a Linkedin profile URL. for that you need to build a LinkedIn profile. Most of the first-time job applicants do not consider making a Linkedin profile. A perfectly curated LinkedIn profile shows how professional you are. Plus it also helps you connect with the right people. 
  5. Highlight your most relevant skills and qualifications.
  6. Don’t forget to highlight your willingness to learn. 
  7. You must include a language section on your resume if you live in a multilingual city. 
  8. Write a cover letter. If you do not know what a cover letter is, we have a dedicated article to help you understand the purpose of a cover letter. 
  9. Do not overshare. Sharing personal details like caste and religion is not required. Also, avoid sharing your passport details, pan card, Adhaar card, social security details unless specifically asked by the employer. 
  10. Share references only when requested. 
  11. Do not share your academic certificates, mark sheets, and other documents unless requested by the employer.
indian resume

How to write an Indian resume for Job? 

  1. We have said this a thousand times, we are going to say it one more time. “Read the job description”.

Most of the job seekers fail to realize the importance of “reading the job description”. Yes, we ask you to do that over and over again, because we want you to customize your Indian resume format according to the job description. 

Almost 80 percent of the job applicants send out the same copy to every job opening they come across. Your employer is looking for a certain level of skills and expertise. Job descriptions are designed to help job seekers understand the expectations of employers. 

The level of expectation and requirements change from employers to employers. No two companies have the same requirement. 

Responding to every job opening with the same copy of a fresher resume is definitely a bad idea. 

Reading the job description carefully will help you choose the right keywords for your resume. Use them well and you might land a job sooner than you expected. 

  1. The first section of an Indian resume format contains the name and contact details of the applicant like name, phone number, and email ID. A few candidates also include their social media handles like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, and website URL. 
fresher resume

Sharing a Linkedin profile link is always recommended. however, it’s not necessary to share your Facebook and Twitter handles.

Also, always use a decent email id for your resume. Email Id’s with prefixes like sweet, heartbreaker, angels are strongly not recommended. 

  1. The second and most important part of a strong resume is a resume summary or career objective statement. Almost 98% of the job seekers write a career objective on their fresher resume. Don’t do that.

We strongly recommend writing a resume summary statement. Unlike most international resume formats, Most Indian resume formats use a career objective statement, an older version of a resume summary statement, which mainly talks about the career goals of the applicant, whereas a resume summary statement focuses on the skills, expertise, achievements, and relevant experience (if any). 

It helps the hiring manager understand your personality as a whole. It also helps him understand why you are the most suitable candidate for the position. 

Employers do not hire candidates based on their career goals. They hire for the value they bring to the table. Your resume summary statement should be able to answer this question. 

  1. The third most important section of a resume is the skills section. In this section, you must mention your most relevant hard skills and soft skills. You may refer to the job description to find the most suitable key skills that you need to highlight on your resume. 
skills in fresher resume
  1. The next section of a fresher resume is the education & certification section. In this section, you have to enter academic details, degrees, courses, and certifications. 

Don’t forget to mention your most relevant accolades, achievements, projects, and certifications. 

  1. The next section of your resume is the work experience/internships/ volunteer work/other activities section. 

Ideally, a fresher may not have anything to mention in the work experience section. But that does not mean you should not mention anything in this section.  An Indian resume format includes a section to highlight your relevant internships, volunteer work, and projects.  

Use this section wisely to highlight your most relevant work experience. Also, do not forget to elaborate on your roles and responsibilities, duration, achievements, and learnings. 

This section provides much-required support to your skills and expertise. And proves why you are a suitable candidate for the position. 

  1. The next section of your fresher Indian resume format is the interest and hobbies section. This section is completely optional. Frankly speaking, employers are least interested in finding out about your hobbies or interests. 

However, if you want to mention your interest and hobbies in your fresher Indian resume format, choose the most relevant and professional interests and hobbies. Also do not forget to mention your achievements, awards and recognitions that you may have earned. It’s a great way to show your dedication and commitment skills. 

  1. The last and final thing to do before you send out your job applications, you must double-check your resume for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and spelling mistakes.

you may ask your friends, family members to proofread your resume. They might be able to provide you with the required insights from a different perspective. 

Research says almost 70 percent of applications get rejected because of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. 

Once you are confident that your resume is error-free and addresses the needs of the employer, send in your job application along with a strong cover letter. 

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