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Looking for an appointment letter format? That means, you just hired someone! Great Job!

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Congratulations on making a hire! In this article, we have everything you need about appointment letters. The article is an A2Z guide for an appointment letter. For eg. what is an appointment letter, how to write one, and the key elements of a letter of appointment. And of course,  some great appointment letter formats for your reference. 

If you do not have enough time to read the article, skip to the end of the page for the samples. Enjoy!

What is an appointment letter?

An appointment letter is an official document issued by an employer to a job applicant after his or her subsequent rounds of successful interviews. 

Once the job applicant has cleared all his interviews and onboarding procedures, he or she is liable to receive the job appointment letter. 

The appointment letter acts as an agreement between an employer and an employee. 

Whereas the employer promises suitable remuneration and perks in return for the employee’s services. 

The appointment letter includes all the necessary information like salary breakup, perks, expectations from the employee, employment terms and conditions, etc.  

The employee is supposed to sign a copy and return another copy to the employer for the records.

How to write an appointment letter?

Though every employer has its own employment terms and conditions. The standard appointment letter format remains the same. 

A few employers do not believe in issuing detailed appointment letters. The appointment letter is an important document for employees and employers. A poorly drafted appointment letter can land you in a legal suit. 

Writing an appointment letter is like drafting a legal agreement. You need expert guidance while drafting an appointment letter. 

The document must be in accordance with the labor law of the land. Anything against the general guidelines can do more harm than good. 

You might find a lot of job appointment letter formats on the internet. But you must choose wisely. 

Following things must be kept under consideration while writing an appointment letter. 

  1. The document holds a legal status
  2. You must not mention anything that you can not fulfill
  3. The letter must be drafted in accordance with the employment/labor law of the land and HR policies of the company
  4. The appointment letter must be able to provide a clear picture of the terms of employment and expectations
  5. The document must provide references where necessary
  6. The document must contain the employee’s name, department, roles and responsibilities, CTC details, other perks and benefits, probation period, terms of employment, termination clause, etc. 
  7. The letter must be duly stamped and signed by the competent authority. For eg. HR Manager, Proprietor, Director, Partner, etc. 
  8. An appointment letter must be issued on the company letterhead only

Letter of appointment format

Our ref: YM/Empl/MH/2019-20/5 

Date 11th Nov 2019 


(Employee Name)


Bhandup(W) Mumbai- 400078 

Contact: +91-9900000

Email ID: 

Re: Appointment Letter With reference to your personal interview dated Nov 11th, 2019 

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed as Digital Marketing Manager in our organization. 

1. Your offered CTC break-up shall be as follows: 

Particular Amount
Basic Salary10000
Medical Allowance 2000
Mobile Allowance2000
Othe benefits 3000
Total (B)12000
Fixed (A+B)25200
Total (Fixed + variable)31500

*Note: Variable will be paid on the basis of your performance. 

2. Your appointment shall be initially on a probation period of six months. After six months of probation, you may either get the confirmation based on your performance or else your probation period may be extended for another six months. 

3. You shall be working as Digital Marketing Manager. Based on your performance your increment may be considered after 1 year in the organization. 

4. The services shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the company which may be brought into force from time to time. The working hours, weekly off, and other matters of day-to-day discipline shall be applicable to you and you shall comply with all the rules and regulations. 

5. You shall devote full time to the work of the company and shall not undertake any direct/indirect business, work, consultancies, contracts, commissions, etc except with the written permission of the Managing Director. 

6. You shall not give anyone by word of mouth, data transfers, or otherwise any particulars or details of the company’s product offerings, strategies, sales information, client information, product technical data, vendor information, technical know-how, security data & information, organizational matters whether confidential, secret or otherwise, either during the course of your employment with us or afterward; which you acquire during the course of your employment. This letter shall also act as an agreement of secrecy with the company. 

7. You shall be appointed on the condition of signing a bond with our firm whereby you shall not leave our organization for a minimum term of 1 year and secondly you shall be entering into a confidentiality agreement with the firm whereby you shall not divulge confidential information of the company to any outside or a third party and not provide any kind of consultancy in respect to our products and offerings till a period of minimum three years after leaving our organization. 

8. In case, you break the bond and leave the organization earlier than your bond period of 1 year for any reason, then your notice period shall be of 60 days. In case, you wish to leave earlier than 45 days but after 7 working days from your date of resignation; then you will be liable to pay a compensation of one month’s gross salary immediately on intimation of your intention to break the bond. 

9. After completion of your bond period, in case you resign, then you shall give us prior notice of minimum 45 days in writing to the organization. However, after completion of your bond period, in case if you wish to leave earlier than 45 days but after 7 working days from your date of resignation; then you will pay one month’s gross salary immediately on intimation of your intention to leave the company at such short notice. 

10. You should keep us informed of any changes in your permanent and temporary residential address. 

11. There shall be no compensation provided under your scale for any late sittings or extra working hours. 

12. The leave policy shall be applicable to you after a period of 6 months of service in our organization. Any late marks/leaves taken in the meanwhile shall be deducted from your monthly salary slips. 

13. The general working timings will be as follows: 

Mon to Friday – 10:00 am-6:30 pm 

Saturday – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Weekly off: Sunday 

If the offer is acceptable, please return to us the duplicate copy of this letter duly signed by you as a token of your acceptance and report for duty on 12th Nov’2019. 

We welcome you to this organization. 

For Company

HR Manager

Note: Documents to be submitted for necessary records of the company at the time of joining. 

1. Photographs (2 Nos.) 

2. Copy of driver’s license, Aadhar, and PAN card. 

3. Last Year’s form 16 (if applicable) 

4. Last three months’ salary slips 

5. Copy proof of your current and permanent address. 

6. Copies of experience certificate. 

7. Copies of all educational documents. 

8. Two professional references and one personal reference 

9. Name and contact number of a person to be contacted in case of any emergency.

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