Salary Certificate Request Letter Sample

Salary Certificate Request Letter

A salary certificate is an essential document for a working professional. Often required for bank loans, credit card or visa purposes can be obtained from your current employer. In this article, we will help you write a salary certificate request letter. You can also download a ready to use salary certificate request letter sample in word format. Feel free to fill in your details and use them. 

Importance of a salary certificate

As stated above, an employee salary certificate is a mandatory document for availing of banking services like bank loans and credit cards. A salary certificate is a declaration by your employer that you are employed and you are eligible for banking services. Sometimes, The document is also required by several government institutions for subsidies, scholarships, and other financial schemes. 

Most of the banks and government institutions also consider valid salary slips if a salary certificate is not available. The certificate also acts as income proof. 

Every company has its own prescribed salary certificate format and can be obtained by submitting a written request letter for a salary certificate 

salary certificate request letter

How to write a salary certificate request letter?

Writing a salary certificate request letter is easy. However, you must keep a few things in mind before writing a request letter for a salary certificate. 

  1. The letter must include your employee ID, branch, department, and designation
  2. Like any other communication, the salary certificate request letter must be correctly dated
  3. You must mention the reason behind the request. For eg. bank loans, visas, scholarships, fees, subsidies, etc.
  4. The request letter must clearly state the purpose of the salary certificate
  5. At the end of the letter, you must express gratitude towards the recipient 

Salary certificate request letter sample for bank loan


Your Name

Title, Department

Recipient Name 

Title, Department

Dear Mr. ……………..

I am writing this letter to request a salary certificate. I am applying for a housing loan. And the bank has asked me to submit a salary certificate from my current employer as income proof along with other necessary documentation.

I hereby request you to please provide me with the same on or before 10th Feb 2020. Thanking you in anticipation.


Your Name

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