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leave application

Looking for a sample leave application format? 

We got you. In this article, you’ll find some detailed instructions on writing a leave application letter, school leave application, sick leave application, and other leave application formats. 

A leave application letter is a formal way of asking for a leave of absence from work, school, or office for a specific period of time. 

You may be a student or a working professional, Taking a leave of absence without your supervisor’s permission is not allowed. 

There are several rules and regulations that we all need to follow. If you need a break for personal reasons or need to attend to important work, you may have to apply for a leave. 

Writing a leave letter is simple. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to write a professional leave application letter by yourself. 

You must submit a handwritten leave application or send an email to your supervisor if you need a leave of absence.

If you do not want to leave to be rejected, You must keep the following things in your mind before writing a leave application letter. 

  1. Your leave application letter should be precisely dated. 
  2. It should be brief and to the point
  3. The reason for the absence should be genuine and clearly explained.
  4. The duration of the leave must be justifiable

How to write a leave letter?

A leave letter should be properly formatted and addressed to the right person. 

Here is a list of essential parts of a leave letter. 

  1. Date: a leave application letter must be properly dated for the records
  2. Recipient details: your leave letter must be addressed to the right person and department. Do not forget to mention the correct details of your supervisor or HR manager. For example name, designation, department, etc.
  3. Subject: the subject line of your leave letter is an essential part. Write a brief one-liner in your subject line starting with “leave application…”
  4. Salutation: a letter or an email must start with a proper salutation. For example “Dear sir, Dear Madam, Dear Raman, Dear Mr. Sharma (First Name or Last Name, if you know the recipient) 
  5. Letter body: The body of your application letter must contain a maximum of three paragraphs. It should be concise, to the point and polite. 

The body of your leave letter should not be too lengthy.  

The body must contain your own details like name, employee ID, department, etc. 

It must contain the reason for your leave request, duration, and details of the person who would be taking care of your work in your absence. 

Also, you must express gratitude towards your supervisor for taking the time to read the application and granting you the leave.

Finally, the closing lines should inform the supervisor of your availability in case of urgency and your contact details. 

Types of leave application

  1. Annual leave letter: Annual leave applications are written to request to utilize pending leaves by the employees. People use annual leave to plan a long vacation, tour, etc.
  1. Maternity leave letter: You might have to write a maternity leave application in case you are expecting a child. Speak to your HR manager before applying for maternity leave. Every company has a certain number of days reserved for a paid and unpaid maternity leave. 
  1. Paternity leaves letter: every father wants to spend a few days tendering his newborn. Speak to your HR manager to find out the number of days allowed for paternity leave. Plan your leaves accordingly. 
  1. Casual leave letter: At times, we have to take care of our personal things. In such situations, you have to write a casual leave application. Speak to your HR manager to find out the number of days allowed for casual leave. You can plan your leaves accordingly. 
  1. Sick leave letter: we write a sick leave in case we are not feeling well. These leaves are uncertain and mostly unapproved in advance. 
  1. Emergency leave letter: These certain times when things go south and we need emergency leave. These leaves are unapproved in advance and must be written accordingly. 
  1. Vacation leave letter: not every vacation is planned. But if there is one, we need to write a vacation leave application. We need to apply well in advance for such leaves. 
  1. Half-day leave letter: we write a half-day leave application when we have to take care of something personal that came up during the working hours. 

Annual Leave Letter Format – leave application to boss #1

leave application format for office

Dear (Recipient’s Name)

Designation, Department

Sub: annual leave application letter

I’m writing this letter to request a 10-day annual leave starting from 10th Oct to 20th Oct 2020. I would like to utilize my annual leave quota of 21 days for these leaves. I am planning to go on a short vacation with my family. 

In my absence, my colleague, Mr. Gupta will be taking care of the operations. In case there is an urgent need, please feel free to reach me on XXXXXXXX or email me at XXXXXX@gmail.com

Please consider my leave request. Thank you for your time. 

Yours sincerely

(Your Name)

Leave application sample #2

leave application format for office personal leave



Mr. Morningstar

HR Manager,

HCL, Mumbai


Mr. Peter Parker,

Assistant Manager,

HCL, Mumbai

Sub: Leave application for personal reason

I humbly request you to grant me a 5 day leave starting 15th oct to 20th oct. I have recently purchased a small piece of property and I need a few days to complete the legal work. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Superman will be sharing project information on my behalf.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to reach me on xxxxxxx or email me on xxxxxxx@gmail.com

I request you to consider this leave request and provide me a 5 day personal leave. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Maternity leave application letter format #3

maternity leave application format


Mr. Tony Stark,

HR Manager, Stark Corporation

Subject: Maternity leave application

Dear (Recipient’s Name)

I, Adriana working as a customer support executive in the customer service department, would like to apply for maternity leave starting from 10th sept 2020 till 1st march 2021. 

As I am entering the ninth month of my pregnancy, my doctor has advised  me to have a complete bed rest. My due date is XXX. and after that i’ll have to stay at home to take care of my baby for a few months. Kindly approve my maternity leave for the period of start date – end date. 

As I will be away for a period of 6 months, I request you to arrange a replacement for my position. In case of any urgency, please feel free to reach me on XXXXX or email me on XXXXX@gmail.com 

Also, I have enclosed my medical certificates and a letter of recommendation from our family doctor for your records. 

Thank you for your consideration and I request you to grant me a maternity leave for the period mentioned above. 

Yours Sincerely

(Your Name)

Paternity leave application letter #4

paternity leave application format

Subject: Paternity leave application letter

Dear Mr. Rao,

I would like to apply for a paternity leave starting from Date to date. I wish to inform you that my wife, (Name) is nearing her due date i.e. 15th of march. Therefore, I wish to utilise my paternity leave as per the paternity leave policy. 

As I will be unavailable for the period of 30 days  starting from 10th march, I have assigned my duties to Mr. shah. I will be avilable on xxxxxxx and xxxxx for this period. 

Thank you for your kind consideration. 

Yours Sincerely

(Your Name)

Medical leave application letter for office employee #5

medical leave application letter sample



Martin Luther King,

HOD, Project Managment Team

Google Corporation

Sub: Medical leave application letter

Dear Mr. king,

This is to bring to your notice that, I have met with an accident on 10th or november. I have a small fracture on my left leg and I’m scheduled to undergo a minor leg surgery on 13th or november. The doctor has advised me a complete bed rest for a period of 1 month. I will be mostly available after my 15th of december to resume work. 

I have enclosed all the necessary documents including a letter of recommendation from my doctor. 

I regret the inconvenice and I’d like to request you to consider this medical leave application.  

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully.

Jack Harper

Casual leave application format #6

Subject: Casual leave application 

Dear Ms. Adriana

I, Jack Harper would like to request a five day casual leave starting from 10th march to 15th march. I have to urgently visit my hometown to attend a marriage of a close relative on 12th of march.

I’ll be leaving tonight at 10.30 PM. I will be to resume my work from 16th march. If you need any assistance I shall be available on xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx.  Besides, my team member mr. gupta will be taking care of my responsibilites in my absence. 

Thank you for your kind consideration. 

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)

Sick leave application for office #7

Sick Leave Application Letter

sick leave application office


Bhaskar reddy,

General Manager,

Montreal energy Ltd. 



Mr. tom Hank,

Director Sales,

Montreal Energy Ltd.

Sub: Sick leave application

Dear Mr. Hank,

I am writing this letter to apply for sick leave following my illness. I am experiencing extreme pain in my left shoulder and chest from last few days. My doctor had advised me take a few tests and based on the reports i’m supposed to be admitted to a hospital. 

I have enclosed a medical certificate and a letter of recomendation from the doctor for your reference. I’m sure post my recovery i’ll be back with a renewed energy. 

Please let me know if you need any other documents. I am available fulltime on xxxxxxx. Please feel free to contact me in case of any emergency. 

Kindly consider the leave request on urgent basis. Thank you for your time.



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