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Salary certificate format

An employee salary certificate is an official document issued by the employers to certify the compensation paid to the employees. Often issued to the employees who are paid salaries in cash, a cash salary certificate format acts as an alternative to the salary slips. 

The salary certificate also acts as proof of employment, duration, and income proof of an individual. A salary certificate is issued by the HR department, HOD, Proprietor, and other authorized personnel after receiving a written request letter (Salary certificate application) from the employee.  

Importance of Salary certificate letter

Generally, employees seeking bank loans, filing income tax returns, buying properties, or certain government subsidies need income proofs like a salary certificate. 

salary certificate format word

We have a few ready to use salary certificate word format for you. Simply fill in your details and hit the print button. And you’ll have a ready certificate in no time. 

Also, if you are an employee or working professional looking to obtain a salary certificate for loan or other banking services and wish to write a salary certificate request letter, you may want to check another article exclusively for your needs. Download the free word format, fill in your details and you are ready. 

Salary Certificate Letter Format

Download Free Salary Certificate Letter Format

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Contents of a salary certificate format

An annual salary certificate format includes the following details about the employee. 

  1. Employee ID
  2. Date of joining
  3. Designation
  4. Salary breakup
  5. Deductions
  6. No. of working days
  7. EPF/EPS Details
  8. Gross salary & Net salary

A salary certificate also provides a detailed breakup of salary, deductions, bonus, and any other extra pay.

How to write a salary certificate letter? 

A salary certificate letter is an essential document. Every company has its own prescribed salary certificate letter format. As you already know a salary certificate acts as income proof and used for obtaining other important services the employer must take extra precautions while issuing a salary certificate. 

cash salary certificate format letter word
  1. A salary certificate letter must follow a standard prescribed format
  2. The document must be issued on company letterhead only
  3. The letter must be duly signed and stamped with the date of issue 
  4. It must include employee details like annual salary, breakup, employee ID, department, designation, joining date, and status of employment.

Salary Certificate Letter Word Format

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Learn how to write a formal letter, download formal letter format more.

How do I write a salary certificate letter?

Follow our step by step guide on writing a professional salary certificate. You can also download a sample salary certificate format in word for a quick use.

How do I issue a salary certificate?

Download our cash salary certificate format in word, replace the content with your details, stamp/sign it. And you are ready to issue a cash salary certificate

What is difference between salary slip and salary certificate?

A salary slip is a monthly salary calculation statement issued every month by the employer. A salary certificate is a letter/document certifying the annual salary of an employee issued by the employer.

How do you write a working certificate?

Follow our detailed guide on experience certificate format. You can also download some ready to use working experience certificate word formats.

Who can issue salary certificate?

HR Manager, HOD, Accounts Manager, CEO, Proprietor, etc.

Is salary certificate and Form 16 same?

No. They are not same.

What is proof of salary?

Any document that can certify that you are employed and receive a monthly remuneration. for example, salary slip, payslip, salary certificate, bank statement, cash salary certificate, etc.

How can I get bank salary certificate?

You can write a request letter for salary certificate to your employer.

What is the salary statement?

A payslip/Salary slip is your salary statement.

How do you write an employee salary letter?

Follow our guide on writing an employee salary letter. You can also download free employee salary letter formats.

How do I write an employee proof of income letter?

Follow our guide on writing salary certificate format.

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