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How to Write an Application letter for a teaching job

A perfect job search requires a professional job application letter. Your application for teaching job in your first communication with the HR/Hiring manager of the organization. 

And, as they say, the first impression is the last impression. Your job application letter must leave a mark.  

Ideally,  A recruiter receives hundreds of applications against every job posting. Imagine the competition!

But, don’t worry. Not every profile gets considered. The data says recruiters don’t even open almost 40% of profiles.  

That simply means all you get is just one chance. One chance to explain why you should be considered for the position. 

So let’s get on it. 

An application for a teaching job is basically a cover letter for a teaching job. You talk about your experience, expertise, skills, achievements in such a way that it buys you an interview call. 

Your job application letter must be able to clearly convey your eligibility, strong points, and interest. A strong job application letter creates a positive impression in the minds of the hiring managers. 

Most schools, colleges, or institutes advertise their job openings in local newspapers, on their websites, or on job boards. Also, you can visit the school/college to check their notice boards if they are hiring. 

If you find a job posting relevant to your experience, send in your job application to the principal immediately. 

Sample Letter of Application for Kindergarten School Teacher Job

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How to write a letter of application for a teaching job? 

Every teaching position be it a lecturer, primary teacher, professor, or principal has its own requirements. Every position demands a different skill set and level of education. 

Still, the thumb rule of writing a job application letter remains the same. 

  1. Know your recipient: Sending a job application to a random individual in the company is a waste of time. The job posting mostly includes the name and contact detail of the hiring manager. Also, most of the companies have multiple recruiters working on different requirements. It’s imperative that you send the job application to the right hiring manager. 
  2. Salutation: Addressing the recipient with a proper and professional salutation is important. Addressing the recipient with his/her last name like “Dear Mr. Rao”  “Mrs. Gupta” sounds better than the first name. You may also use salutations like “Respected Mr. Rao” too. 
  3. Subject Line: A proper subject line for your job application letter for the teaching position is of utmost importance. For example “Application for the position of Assistant Professor”, “Applying for the position of Lecturer”, etc.
  4. Email Body: By now you would have understood how important a job application letter is. As this is going to be your first communication with the hiring institute/college/school, you might want to give your best shot. 

Sample Application Letter for Teaching - Primary Teacher

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The first paragraph of your email body must focus on a brief introduction and how did you find about the opening. The second paragraph of your job application letter must focus on your qualifications, skills, expertise, achievements, and awards.

The third paragraph of your job application letter must focus call for action. For example, enquire about the further interview process, ask for a callback, or request a time for a short call to discuss the opportunity. Also, don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for taking the time to review your application. 

Your job application letter must include 

  1. The purpose of writing the letter
  2. Your skills and strong points
  3. Qualifications and certificates
  4. Achievements and awards
  5. Experience and willingness to learn
  6. And why do you think you deserve the position?
  7. A call to action for further procedures 

5. Contact Details: Next most important thing a job application letter must include is contact details. Always mention your contact details and request the hiring manager to reach you on them. 

Sample Letter of Job Application for Assistant Professor Position

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