Two Weeks Notice Letter Example

two weeks notice letter example

What is two weeks’ notice? And why is it important to serve two weeks notice?

Employees often wonder why they have to serve a two weeks’ notice. Let me tell you, Serving two weeks notice period is the most effective way to leave a job on good terms and retain your relations with your employer. Leaving a job professionally and positively is very important.

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Every time an employee leaves, it affects the business. the employer has to start the whole process again. And it’s not easy. 

A minimum of two week’s notice gives your employer a heads up that you intend to step down from your position and gives him plenty of time to fill your shoes. While drafting a two weeks notice letter is a significant step towards transitioning into a new venture, entrepreneurs should also consider the legal setup of their next undertaking. Delving into a legalzoom llc review could provide comprehensive insights, ensuring that your business foundation is as solid as your professional exit strategy.

It also gives you enough time to meet your obligations during the notice period. 

Two-week notice letters are a compulsory part of the resignation process. Your employer might ask you for a written resignation letter, which means you have to send them a hand-written, printed, and signed letter to make your transition official.

You must check the employment contract before hitting the send button on that resignation email. Also, you must not announce your exit plan to your colleagues without telling your boss and confirming it in writing.  

Is it mandatory to give two week notice?

Yes, for most companies in the USA it’s mandatory to give a minimum of two weeks notice letter. However, you must check with your HR manager, employment contract, or superior to find out if it’s necessary to serve a two weeks’ notice period. 

An employer spends thousands of dollars on hiring, training, and mentoring employees.

I am not even talking about the hundreds of man-hours spent on screening resumes, interviews, onboarding, etc. The ideal way to resign from a job is to speak to your manager first before handing him over your letter of resignation. A two-week notice period is often considered common courtesy but in some cases a prerequisite for resignation.

Regardless of your reason for resignation, a two weeks notice gives your employer enough time to come up with a replacement plan. The employer needs time to hire someone to fill the position, or they need time to allocate their tasks to other employees.

How to write a two week notice resignation letter

Writing a two week notice letter is simple, but as they say, simple things often get complicated.

Relax, we’ve got you!

Here are some great letter of resignation examples for you. 

And, Here is how to write a 2 week notice letter of resignation. Use this simple step-by-step guide to write a professional two week notice resignation letter.

  1. Use a formal letter format: use a formal letter format for your two weeks letter of resignation. Don’t forget to write your name, address, date of the letter, your contact information, and your employer’s contact information.
  2. Date: Like any other formal document, a notice of resignation is an important formal letter. And just like any other formal document the 2 week notice resignation letter must be properly dated.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an email or a printed letter of resignation, write the date of the letter in the top left/right corner of the body.

  1.  Keep it short and simple: you must keep your letter of resignation under 300-400 words. You don’t need to write anything else other than an intimation of your decision.
  2. Say Thank You: consider saying thank you for the learnings, providing the opportunity to work with them, experience, and beautiful memories you have gained while working with them.
  3. Keep it positive: YOU MUST NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING NEGATIVE In your resignation letter. You must end your relationship with your employer on a positive note. Including anything negative about the employer, management or colleagues can ruin your relations with your employer. You might need their assistance in the future. 
  4. Offer your assistance: the moment you put down your resignation, the employer is forced to start the replacement process. Consider offering help with training the replacement or a colleague during your notice period.  

Start by introducing yourself, your position, date, and topic of the two-week notice letter. Declare your resignation, mention the last day of work, state the reason for your resignation and offer your gratitude to your employer and colleagues and close the letter with a signature.

The first section of your resignation letter must indicate what will be the last day at your work. A clear date is important because it ensures that there is no confusion or misinterpretation about how long you are available to assist with the transition, train a replacement and complete the handover procedure. 

What if you do not give a two week notice period? What are your options?

You have three options if you do not want to give a two weeks’ notice period. 

  1. Buyback your notice: If you have a better offer than the current job, you might want to join them asap. Or if the new employer wants you to join the company in the next few days, you might want to check with your HR department if they allow a notice buyback. 
  2. Encash your pending leaves: if your post-resignation plans are not allowing you to serve your stipulated two weeks’ notice, check if your company allows you to encash your pending leaves. It’s a great way to cut short your notice and continue your post-resignation plans. 
  3. Speak to the management: Convince your HR manager or management to relieve you with immediate effect
  4. Abscond: I do not recommend this at all. You must never abscond from a job. Not serving a stipulated notice period can put you in a lot of trouble. 

Now that you have a strategy, use your resignation notice letter as a tool to ensure that you leave your job on good terms, leaving the door open for future possibilities.

Take a look at these samples of resignation letters, templates, and patterns to get a fair idea of pretty much everything you need to quit a job. 

Two weeks’ notice resignation letter template

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Sample #1

two weeks notice letter

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Dear Mr. John, 

Please accept this letter as a formal announcement of my resignation from my role as a Junior search Specialist at Google. This letter informs you of my intention to resign from my office and my current title and company name, effective two weeks from this date.

It was a hard decision to make. The last four years have been very fruitful. I would like to thank you for the opportunity, learning, and experience that I will be taking with me. I have enjoyed my role as a search specialist and working with you.

I wish you and the company all the best. Please feel free to let me know if I can be of any assistance during the transition. 


Your Signature 

Your Name

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Sample #2

Your Name

Your Address

Phone Number





Company Name


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would like to submit my resignation from my position as Sr. Accountant at AMZ Company. My last day at work will be March 20, 20XX.

Please feel free to let me know if I can be of assistance during my last two weeks at the company. 

Thank you for providing the opportunity to work for AMZ, it has been a wonderful three years with the company. I wish you and the company all the best.


Your Signature