Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Make Money!

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Top 10 Small Business Ideas, and How to Start a Business

If you ever had dreamt of having your own business, you know how it feels to work for someone else. If you are looking for a list of small business ideas, here is one for you.

It’s not just about earning more money, having your own business gives you a sense of liberty. I have seen people leaving their 9-5 secured jobs and taking a leap of faith in to unknown. Some of them succeed and others fail. When exploring small business ideas to make money, it’s essential to start on solid legal footing. LLcbuddy is the best resource for anyone embarking on LLC formation, ensuring your new venture is structured for success and longevity from the get-go.

Some fail because of a lack of experience, some fail because they did not have enough money to scale. And some lose their interest over a period of time. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Definitely not for weakhearted. also, there are hundreds of other ways you can make money like trading, dropshipping, e-commerce store, content writing and buy xrp, bitcoin, etc.

We all have a small business idea. It’s not the business idea that makes the money. It’s the execution.

 Business ideas are like a seed, you plant them. you water them. you care for them, hoping they grow into a big tree someday. If you are looking for some small scale business ideas, we have something for you.

You can pick one of these small profitable business ideas turn them into your dream business.

This list of top 10 small business ideas may not be the best out there. but it can definitely make you some serious money. Looking for some side hustle ideas to earn through mobile apps? here is one.

Looking for some of the most profitable small business ideas? 

The Internet is full of “top 100 small business ideas” “top 10 small business ideas” “ best small business to start” “profitable small business ideas” kind of shit. Mark my word, you jump into something you are not passionate about, you’ll lose interest eventually and you’ll fail.

Let me give you another number, 9 out of 10 small businesses fail. Not so comforting right? Starting a business is not about comforts. Starting a business is about sacrificing your comforts. Your sleep, your relations, your social and personal life, and everything you held dear once.

Scared, starting a business is not for you!

Still wanna do it? Then let’s do it. 

Most of the small of big business ideas you see on the internet are written by bloggers and content writers, who unfortunately are not qualified enough to write on starting a business. 

If you a business idea, you are passionate about it, and people would pay for it. go for it. And if you are having a tough time with your business idea, ask yourself if you really want to tread an unknown road. 

Having a great business idea can make you millions and billions. But remember business ideas don’t make money. Execution does. I can give you 100 low-cost business startup ideas, but the bigger question is are you ready?

If the answer is “Yes”

I have a list of top 10 small business ideas for you. But first let me warn you again, having a list of small business ideas won’t make you money. You have to give your 100 percent to it.

As I said, a business idea is worth nothing if you don’t execute it well. 

Are you ready to make some money?

This is the stage where you know you want to start a business, but you are still to encounter your eureka moment. The light in the darkness, and inspiration to take the jump. It all starts with an idea.

This list of top 10 small business ideas that can help you find your own calling and success in 2020 and beyond.

A few things you need to think of before you start jumping. 

  1. Business Plan: Pick a pen and paper and start writing a business plan. for example, try answering the following questions.
  2. GTM Strategy: You need a GTM strategy, like how would you approach your customers, who are your buyers, etc.
  3. Market Survey: You need a conduct a market survey before you launch your business to understand the competition, taste, pricing, and costing, etc.
  4. Marketing plan: every business needs a marketing plan. no marketing, no business.
  5. Pricing: find out what sells for what price. what is your cost and how much you can charge for your product or service? You need to work on your prices.
  6. Competition mapping: Before you start a business, you must know your competitors. You need a competition analysis before you launch your business.
  7. MVP: A minimum viable product is what you are going to sell. you need to figure out if there is a demand for it. You need an MVP strategy.
  8. Hiring: to start a successful business, you need people. You need a team, a good team. find some friends who can work with you or support you initially.
  9. Money: no, you can not start a business without money. it may seem like you have the resources and knowledge to start. still, you need money to survive. after all, you need finance to cover your expenses. 

If you think you can do all of the above you are ready!

I’ll be sharing some awesome low-cost business startup ideas, home-based business ideas, home-based business opportunities for women, high-demand business ideas, startup business ideas for women and men, some very unique small business ideas, and of course, I’m going to tell you how to start a business without money or very little money. 

1. Home gardening Advisor

gardening business small business ideas

If you have a thing for homegrown vegetables, flowers, and plants, This is for you. If you look around, you will find flower pots in every balcony. People love gardening. And it’s a great business idea. If you have a creative mind, a little bit of research on the flowers, plants can gain you enough knowledge in home gardening. 

Home gardening can be a great full-time business. Start by showing off your work to your neighbors and see it bloom. 

Experience required: Little to no experience is required to start a home gardening business. 

Capital Required: Little to no Capital is required for home gardening business 

Also, you can start teaching people how they can grow their own food with whatever limited space they have. People are turning towards urban farming, if you look around you will find a lot of people trying to grow their own fruits vegetables on the terrace garden, and balcony Plants, flowers, and vegetables need extra care and someone with expertise can make good money on it. 

So what are you waiting for? Go on! 

2. Cleaning service

low investment small business ideas

One thing working professionals and nuclear families struggle most with is cleaning. They don’t have time. Whatever little time they are left with on their Sundays and holidays, they prefer spending it with family and friends. 

If you like to clean, this is for you. Hire a few cleaners and start by promoting your business. Cleaning services is one of the best low cost business idea. With a small team and a couple of cleaning supplies, you are good to go. 

You can start by promoting your services to apartment owners, working professionals, commercial properties, etc. complement it with deep cleaning services, and voila you are ready to rule the market. 

Most cleaning service providers charge anywhere between $25-$45 per hour

Experience Required: Little to no experience required

Capital required: Yes, for cleaning equipment and supplies. 

Trust me, there is a huge demand for quality cleaning services in the market. 

3. Online Courses/Online Coaching

small business ideas to start from home

Do you have a unique skill? Are you really good at something? Why not share it with others?

Starting an online course business can be really profitable. If you have the skill to teach, there is someone out there willing to learn. 

Are you good at cooking, a language maybe, or you must be good with maths, English, or drawing. Start by sharing your expertise, your work, your knowledge with the world and you can charge a premium for teaching it to others. 

4. Blogging

best business ideas with small capital

You have probably heard about it thousand times so far. Blogging can make you some serious money. The only drawback is it takes time.

If you are passionate about something, you can start writing about it online. This is one of the best low cost business ideas to start immediately. 

Experience Required: no

Capital required: Yes, very little. (for your domain & hosting)

5. Real Estate Agent

If you are good at making and maintaining relations, this is a great business to be in.

Property dealing is one of the most profitable businesses. You can start with little to no capital. Finding the right house can be overwhelming for many people. As a real estate agent, you can help people find their dream homes in their budget. You need a few licenses before you begin working as a real estate agent. I’d recommend working for a real estate company for a while to understand the market, locality, and pricing.   

And if you are not a people person, stay away from this business. 

6.Graphic Designer

If you think you are creative and you understand the colors better than others, this is for you. A small graphic design course can open the gates of your own business. Small businesses, companies, and sole proprietors all need marketing materials. 

Show off your designing skills and you’ll have people paying for your services. You can start a graphic design business to provide logo designing services, flyers designing, and other marketing materials.

Experience required: No to little experience required 

Capital required: A small investment in a good quality laptop and software should be enough to start

7. Online Reselling

This one’s my personal favorite, starting an online reselling business is easy, profitable, and scalable. All you need to do is find the product that you wish to resell on Amazon.

Anyone can sell on Amazon, provided you have the products, if not you can source it from manufacturers or wholesalers. Amazon will provide you a detailed guide on selling online. People have started selling on Amazon as a side business and have grown it into a full-time business.

Experience Required: Little to no experience

Capital Required: A small investment is required for buying inventory and tax documentation (license) 

8. T-Shirt Printing

top small business ideas

If you have an artistic sense, a T-shirt printing business can make you a lot of money. You’d need investment for printing machines, computer, graphic design software, a website, etc

You can start a small t-shirt printing business with little to no experience. You can sell your T-shirts on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and your own websites. There is a huge demand for custom print T-Shirts and graphic T-shirts. 

Experience required: No to little experience

Capital required: Yes

9. Food Truck

If you ever thought of starting your own restaurant, If you love cooking, this is for you. A food truck business can be really profitable if you know what to cook and where to sell it. Food trucks come in all sizes and shapes. Serving a variety of cuisines to hungry customers can earn you some serious fan following. 

The best thing about starting a food truck business is you get to travel. Starting a food truck business requires investment and some serious cooking skills. 

Experience Required: Yes

Capital Required: Yes

10. Tax Consulting services

Tax consulting services may not look like a glorious business to start with, but it’s definitely a money maker. Every small business and individual needs help with their tax returns. If you are a commerce graduate and know how to file taxes, this business is for you. 

Experience Required: Yes

Capital required: Yes

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