How To Find A Job & Importance of networking in the job search

How to Find a New Job By Networking

Since human beings are social animals, let’s talk about our social networks first and then we will discuss how to find a new job by networking.

Everyone has a ‘network’ around them. Most women are blessed with the ability to interact socially, so networking comes naturally to us. People in your network include your friends, family, the parents of your children’s’ friends, members of your gym, community, etc. etc. All the people in your network have their own networks, and these connections can be golden when hunting for that job. Let it be known you are looking for a job, the type of job etc.

Ask your friends to keep you in mind if they come across something that might be suitable for you, or to ask their friends if they know of anything suitable. I’ve seen people come up with more unadvertised job leads by doing this than any other way. Again, if you don’t want your present employers to know what you’re up to, discretion is advised.

Finding out the various organizations and social networks that pertain to your particular job or career field can be a worthwhile exercise too. These types of networks are formed for the sole purpose of interacting with others in the same job or career field. So joining such a group will give you access to other people who are very much like yourself when it comes to your line of work.

Being part of some type of network, especially when you are looking for a new job, gives you access to a wealth of information. Through these networks, you can get various questions you might have answered and find important resources that will assist in your job search. Networking also may open the door to a great job opportunity and you may even make new friends

When it comes to the actual process of networking, the first step is to locate and join those networks that are right for you. The next step is to find out where meetings are held and attend them. At these meetings, it is important to introduce yourself and let others know what you do for a living and that you are searching for a new job. There is usually someone who can point you in the right direction or give you a few pointers. If your network has a web site with a message board or chat room, take the time to read through messages and answer any questions you might know the answers to. This is also a great way to get any questions you have answered.

When it comes to networking, it’s all about making connections with other people just like yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to others. If you are a bit on the shy side and feel somewhat nervous about talking to or asking questions of others within the organization, then remind yourself of the reasons the organization was formed in the first place so that others just like you can connect with each other and provide support for one another, even when it comes to searching for a new job.

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