Employment verification letter sample

employment verification letter sample

Before purchasing a home or landlords renting an apartment, most financial institutions & NBFCs, immigration, visa, and banking services frequently request employment verification letters from individuals. An employment verification letter verifies that he or she has previously worked for or is currently employed with a specific organization. In a nutshell, it’s a letter from an employer confirming current or previous employment. The letter can also be used as proof of employment, proof of income, and experience certificate.

I must say that writing employment verification letters is relatively simple. But, if you’ve arrived at this page, I’m sure you’re looking for some assistance. You’ll find a few employment verification letter samples and templates at the end of this article for your convenience.

What is an employment verification letter?

An employment verification letter is a document issued by your employer that verifies your current or previous employment. The letter may include information such as employment tenure, dates of joining and leaving, salary, designation, location, and nature of employment.

People use employment verification letters for a variety of reasons, such as

  1. Proof of employment letter
  2. Employment verification letter for immigration sponsorship
  3. Past employment verification letter for new job
  4. Confirmation of employment letter for bank services like mortgage, personal loan, etc. 
  5. Letter of employment for renting
  6. Employment verification letter for visa

How to write an employment verification letter?

If you have been asked to write an employment verification letter for someone, you must follow formal letter writing practices, just as you would with any other formal business letter. Use a business letter format along with a stamp, sign, and contact details.

Here is how to write an employment verification letter.

  1. Use a business format: The use of a business letter format lends the letter much-needed authenticity. Include the date, your contact information, the receiver’s information, a proper salutation, a stamp, and your signature at the end of the letter.
  2. Include requested information only: Only the requested information should be included in employment verification letters. For example, employment duration, salary details, and so on. Unless specifically requested, you should not include a performance review of the individual.
  3. Keep it short: As previously stated, employment verification letters should not contain any irrelevant information about the individual. Keep it brief and to the point.
  4. Stamp/sign: A stamp or signature of the issuing authority must be included on an employment verification letter. A letter without an authorised signatory is null and void.
  5. Include your contact information: Remember to include your contact information at the bottom of the letter.

Employment verification letter template

25th Feb 2020

John Morris

Head of Finance

Jason Smith Financial Services

21st Bakers street

NewYork, 12345

Dev Malik

Director of Operations

XYZ Limited

34th Brooks 

Kansas, 23456

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

This letter is to confirm that (employee name) has been working for (company name) since (start date).

If you require any additional information about (employee name), please contact me at (your phone number).



Your Name

Employment verification letter template for current employee

February 9, 2021

Marrissa Mayor

Finance Head

Mayor Accounting Services

25th North Wing Street,

Miami, 12345

Jane King

Director of Operations

Stark Industries,

26 Vision Street, 

SF, 34094

Dear Jane,

This letter is to certify that Steven Strange has worked in our Finance and Recovery department for the past three years. He started working on May 23, 2016.

Please contact me at (Phone Number) if you require any additional information.



Marrissa Mayor

Finance Head

Mayor Accounting Services

Past Employment verification letter example

Past employment verification letter template

May 10, 2022

William King

HR Manager

Stark Industries

25 Baker Street,

West Virginia, 029393

James Murry

HR Manager

Kingpin Associates

34 Otis Drive, Ste. 500

West Virginia, 9182

Dear Mr. James,

This letter serves to confirm that ______________ worked at _____________ from _________________ to ______________.

If you require any additional information about _______________, please call me at ______________.




sample employment verification letter