Employee Warning Letter For Poor Performance | Sample Letter To Employee To Improve Performance

employee warning letter for poor performance

Warning letter for poor performance sample


Name: Mr. Rajesh Gupta

Dept & Designation:

Re: Warning Letter For Unsatisfactory Work Performance

Dear Rajesh,

This letter serves a written warning to you for not meeting your objectives as outlined in your <Appointment Letter / Job Description / Prior performance appraisal / Goals as agreed between you and your supervisor>.

This letter confirms our discussion held on <date> regarding your below-par performance.

As intimated by <the management / your supervisor>, we are putting you on a Corrective Action Plan commencing from < mention date>. This plan is being introduced to bring your performance up to an acceptable standard, considering your capabilities and requirements of your job role.

Each member in our company is expected to contribute to the best of their abilities and meet the objectives laid out in their job role. Hence, we would like you to immediately improve your performance and meet expectations of your supervisor and company management.

We believe that you have the potential to be a meaningful contributor and would like you to work with commitment and resolve.

If you need of my assistance or have queries, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. You are requested to sign a copy of this letter to indicate your acknowledgement of the discussion and also document specific outcomes in the notes section below


<Your Name><Employee Name>
<Title><Employee Title and Department>
<Signature><Employee Signature>
<Any notes and follow up action>

Sample Employee Warning Letter for poor performance, unsatisfactory job performance, not meeting the minimum expectations, and not performing duties as expected. 

A poorly performing employee is a liability to the organisation. You must be prepared to take stern actions if you do not see an improvement. In this article, we’ll discuss the various letters of concern to non-performing employees, warning letters for not performing duty, when to issue a written warning for unsatisfactory job performance, How to write a warning letter for careless in work, letter to employee to improve performance and sample warning letter for poor performance. 

Underperforming employees has always been a big concern for employers. It not only affects the overall productivity of the organization but also the financial health of the company. Every employer wants a dedicated team of employees. Most employers spend a significant amount of money on training, refreshments, and monetary benefits to keep the team motivated. Every employer sets a minimum benchmark to assess the performance and reward the performers. At the same time, employers take appropriate action against non-performing employees. For example, writing an employee warning letter for poor performance, putting them under observation, changing the department, demotion, pay cuts, and employment termination. 

Taking action against the underperforming employees starts with a simple one on one discussion with the respective reporting managers and HR Manager. 

Every employer has a predetermined course of action or a detailed HR policy to handle such situations. If you do not have one, It’s time to lay down the employee HR policies and procedures. If you need help, talk to our HR outsourcing team. We can help. 

You must have an action plan for non-performing employees. It’s frustrating to deal with an underperforming employee. After spending a significant amount of money, you expect your employees to meet a certain level of expectations. 

At the same time, not every employee deserves a trial for poor performance. A hearty talk should be enough to help them overcome the obstacle and start performing again. 

However, a few employees must be issued written warning letters for unsatisfactory performances. 

This image is a sample warning letter for a poor performing employee. the letter compels the employee to improve his performance or face the consequences.

How to write a letter of concern for poor performance?

If you are on this page, I am assuming you have already tried talking it out with the employee. Despite your efforts, the employee is not meeting the expectations. It’s time to write a warning letter. 

A warning letter to employees is a formal communication and must be recorded for future references. The warning letter also helps in setting the future course of action, expectation, and maybe a groundwork before the employment termination. 

A formal warning letter ensures that the employee understands the seriousness of the situation and acts upon it. A written warning letter also calls for time-bound actions and improvements. The letter can also be used as evidence in legal situations resulting from employment termination. 

You must consider the following points before writing a warning letter for unsatisfactory performance. 

  1. Determine the reasons behind the poor performance 
  2. Check if training is required to achieve the minimum performance benchmarks
  3. Inform the employee of the consequences and steps involved after the warning letter (performance management) 
  4. Steps and consequences are clearly understood by the employee
  5. Make sure you make two copies of the letter and retain a signed copy for future references 

Here is a sample write up for poor performance 

Employee Warning Letter For Poor Performance & Improve Performance


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