Can employers call previous employers without permission

Can employers call previous employers without permission?

The answer is yes. They Can!

Should you be worried? No.

If you’re trying to keep your job hunting a secret, you wouldn’t want your current employer to find out.  Interviewers generally ask candidates “may we contact your current employer”. But that’s not with everyone.  But if you don’t cooperate, won’t you seem to be trying to hide something?

So can your current employer contact your previous employer without your permission? 

Well, it depends if you have already joined a new company and on what kind of papers you have signed. 

The answer is no if it’s just a reference check by a potential employer without consent.  

The best way to avoid a situation like this is to express your concern that you’d like to keep your job search private. But in time, it will be perfectly okay. 

Background verification is a significant part of the hiring process. Reference checking or Background verification is the process of verifying the information provided by the potential candidate in his resume, interview, or job application.

Why do companies conduct background verification?

There has been an upward trend in candidates lying about their qualifications, last-drawn salaries, job responsibilities, or employment. Background checking ensures that employers do not hire a candidate with a suspicious background. 

Employers conduct background checks to get information on the candidate’s past work history, criminal records, misdeeds at the workplace, performance credentials, educational credentials, etc.  Today, almost all companies run background verifications on job applicants before offering them jobs.

If you have had a successful interview and still waiting to hear back from the company, they might be busy with your background verifications. 

Meanwhile, you may check with your references if they called them.

If not, It’s a good idea to send them an email! writing an interview follow-up email can improve your chances of getting hired!

So, Can employers call previous employers without permission? Yes! So keep healthy relations with all your employers. and you do not have to worry.

16 thoughts on “Can employers call previous employers without permission”

  1. But what if your past employer was ripping you off, you found out and tried to report him but then got let go because the company is behind it. So now after trying to get your supervisor fired for stealing from you he now gives false Information about you to not let you have the job?

    1. First thing, I’m assuming you have cleared your interview rounds. the company liked your profile, skills, and credentials. Do not worry, stay positive.
      In a situation like that, The best way is to inform your current employer about why were you let go. If it wasn’t your fault,
      you have nothing to worry about.

  2. What happens if a future employer calls your previous work place and does not ash for someone in HR? Instead they hear from some employee in the work place that may spread a rumor about me? Isn’t it required that new employers get their information through the HR channel?

  3. An individual has been employed for 4 years. The employer didn’t take up references at the time. Can the employer now ask for references ?

    1. Yes, it is well within the employer’s rights to do background checks on its employees as and when they feel the need. If you have something that you did not disclose during the interview and do not want to be discovered ever, It’s better to talk to your manager about it.

  4. I interviewed with a company and they asked may i contact your current employer i said no not at this time. Well after the interview they did end up contacting my employer. the reason i told her no was because my current employer has a happen of letting people go if they hear they are looking for other work. Are they able to do that?

  5. I applied for a position and they have a spot on their application for “work and related experience” they are requesting my supervisors name and contact info. Are they allowed to contact them? I have given my references and they are different than my current employer.

    1. Yes, They can. Also, it’s well within the rights of the company to hire or not. Although, you have every right to defend yourself and explain the consenquences under you were terminated. If the employer finds you convincing he may decide to give you a chance.

  6. As a business owner that’s not true. You can only call references that the employee gives which is usually 2/3. The odd employer may try to do that but companies like mine don’t like getting random phone calls everyday from employers who the potential employee didn’t ask to use as a reference. The former employee can get a reference by the individual at my company or a written one. To call for some random person is not allowed at my company unless you have a name of that individual and he/she has given the former employee permission to use them as a reference. Other then that it’s not allowed nor tolerated at my company as well as others.

  7. The employee was laid off by their previous employer and did not disclose it at the time of the interview. They only disclosed it when they were offered and accepted the position. Now, the employee has been with our company for a few months and some concerning behaviors have surfaced. Is it permissible to contact the previous employer for a reference check?

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