7 Best Free Resume Parsing Software


Virtual resume parsing software has become a favorite recruiting tool for businesses and top-job recruiters worldwide. It automates the storage, collection, and extraction of data from thousands of applications. Best use algorithm-driven resume parsing software can scan, analyze, and extract relevant data from a large number of documents.

You can combine your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) or Talent Intelligence Tools with any resume parser if you want the technology to assist you with managing your applicants’ assessment. 

Whether you are a hiring manager, talent acquisition recruiter, HR professional, or sourcing agent, time management is really crucial. In such cases, resume parsing software can streamline screening and hiring the best applicants. 

Most companies use online resume parsers that work with deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create an accurate algorithm.

Top-rated free resume parsing software 

  1. EGrabber Hiring Prospector

eGrabber is among the best free resume parsing software that works effectively with recruiters. The tool helps search for the most suitable applicants and sends them emails. Applicants do not have to wait for long before they get this email. It features an advanced email searching technology that helps you get the contact information of your target applicants.

If you are a third-party recruiter, who works with companies for their job recruitments, eGrabber should be a tool to use. You can import several applicants’ profiles from professional social platforms, the internet, and job boards, including social media. Furthermore, the tool is efficient and does not slow your recruitment process. Finally, you can use it in any different free resume template.

  1. HireAbility ALEX Resume And CV Parser

People who use HireAbility ALEX Resume And CV Parser understand how effective the tool is when it comes to recruiting top talents. It leverages machine learning strategy and processing of natural language to offer correct and relevant results. It seamlessly integrates with most customized recruitment products.

You work with ease because it eliminates the manual search of data or extraction of information relevant to job recruitment. With the tool, you improve your productivity and data quality. It delivers its results in custom, JSON, and XML formats. It takes microseconds to produce the results you want. 

When it comes to matching effectiveness and relevance with applicants’ strengths and skills, this tool works well. You can get your customized search within seconds of search, making it a popular resume parsing software. You can use the tool in over 40 languages.

  1. Affinda.Com

Affinda CV Extractor implements artificial learning technology to pull out numerous data collected. Furthermore, it organizes your data collected from different cover letter formats. The formats include Excel, XML, or JSON output. Every type of business, including freelancers, uses the tool. 

Its beneficial features are automated candidate screening, application input, data extraction, resume management, semantic matching, sorting and filtering resumes, social media collaboration, and more. 

  1. DaXtra Parser

Do you work in an organization that requires a high level of accuracy? DaXtra Parser works as a powerful tool that accepts numerous languages. Most top recruiters around the world use it for their job or applicant recruitments. It locates, matches, and analyzes resumes of any style, template, or layout.

DaXtra Parser works with social media to pull out the applicants who want to work with companies. It offers users coverage in places like Asia and Eastern Europe. The tool works accurately in producing data, classifying skills, creating a seamless integration of applicants’ email, and more.

  1. Burning Glass LENS Suite

Burning Glass LENS Suite ensures that recruiters and HR professionals have a field day extracting data from qualified candidates. With this tool, you have a narrow search of what you want from applicants. 

It is powered by Big Data analysis, ensuring that every search produces results. We have different resume parsing software online, but this tool works great with any platform.

  1. Sovren Resume Parser

The first time you use the Sovren resume parser, you discover that it is fast and accurate in producing results. The tool takes a few seconds to complete its task. In addition, the Sovren resume parser is security-based. As a result, users and applicants have nothing to worry about regarding data extraction. Information received is encrypted and hidden from others, making it easier to trust the tool.

  1. SeekOut

SeekOut leverages AI-enabled recruitment analytics and talent search software. The compatibility and functionality of the tool make it more of the best free resume parsing software on the market. In addition, it supports managing applicants, hiring, and public source talent pools. 


Before using any resume parsing software, ensure that it is free of malicious viruses or theft. Many websites are click-baits and should be avoided at once. Read reviews of these platforms and learn more about how they work.

Customers’ reviews are important online, and they can help you avoid websites that are dubious.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer from Louisville. Lori creates news and informative articles about HR, recruiting, and employee productivity. You can find her on LinkedIn.