If I find a job, Should I write a letter of resignation while on leave of absence

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Can I resign while I’m on leave?

Of course, you can, but there are a few ifs and buts you need to address before you send out that resignation letter. 

Planning to resign from your current role? I’m sure you have a lot of doubts and questions on your mind. 

Steve, like you, took a month of paternity leave; the excitement of having a baby faded as soon as he realized that his salary was insufficient to cover the cost of raising a child. He began looking for a new job, and by the grace of God, he received a better-paying job offer.

The employer has asked him to start within the next two weeks. Now he’s faced with the same dilemma: can he resign while on leave?

In a technical sense, the answer is “Yes.” Unless your employment contract expressly states otherwise, you can resign while on leave of absence.

The only thing that matters is how you resign, regardless of the reason. If you want to leave on good terms, it is always best to serve a notice of resignation well in advance.

Why it is not a good idea to resign while you are on a leave?

While you are on leave, your employer may be unprepared for such news. When you applied for the leave, you stated that you would return in a few days. He expects you to return as soon as your leave is over. In short, your manager/boss will be furious if they discover you resigned while on leave.

You’d always need them to give you a good reference. Leaving on a positive note ensures that your employer will not provide a negative review to potential employers.

Even if your boss agrees to let you go, you may have to cancel your vacation and give your employer two weeks’ notice.

How do I quit my job while on leave?

Sometimes we encounter situations that force us to change jobs. And these situations can happen at any time, whether you are on active duty or on leave of absence. You probably hadn’t planned for a situation like this. You have no idea how to deal with this situation, what to tell your boss, or how to persuade him to let you go without serving your notice period.

The reason could be anything: you took maternity leave and now want to spend more time with your child, or an ailing family member needs you more now and it’s not possible to continue working, or you found a better job offer and are unwilling to pass it up, or you were involved in an accident, or something else.

Here is how to quit a job while you are on a leave.

  1. Assess the situation: It’s better to assess and understand the situation before your hit that send button on your resignation letter email.  Ascertain whether your company has someone to take over your responsibilities, whether your boss will let you go with less notice, and whether the reason for your leave allows you to do so. Your employer should not feel cheated in any given situation.
  2. Speak to your boss in person: In this situation, speaking with your manager or boss in person is the best thing to do. Explain your precarious situation to them and seek their approval for your resignation. Also, he would be in a better position to explain the leave and separation policy in this situation.

Once you have a clear understanding of the policies and procedures, as well as your employer’s approval, you can hit the send button on your resignation email.