What Are Some Applications of Text Summarization?

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Text summarization is one of the most underrated concepts in language processing. People have been using this strategy in multiple aspects of their lives for years without realizing it. Therefore, upon being asked about the applications of summarizing, people often get confused. If you are one of them, this place is for you.

Here, we’ll share multiple scenarios where the process of summarization has already been implemented or can be applied in the future. But first, we’ll briefly share the concept of summarizing and the impact of technology on this writing technique. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve in.

What is Summarizing?

The term ‘summarizing’ refers to shrinking a lengthy piece of text, speech, or some other information source to its main points. This strategy involves reading the original (source) material thoroughly, finding its gist, and explaining the main idea using unique wording. Therefore, in order to create a summary, you will need great attention to detail and exceptional writing skills.

A summary intends to make it easier for people to understand some lengthy information. Therefore, upon reading a summary, people should be able to capture the core ideas without needing to go through the original material. If your summary lacks this aspect, you will have to work on it again.

How Has Technology Impacted the Text Summarization Concept?

Like other fields, technology has also impacted the various aspects of language processing. One of them is summarization.

Nowadays, there are advanced text summarizer tools available that can quickly condense lengthy information. Those utilities work on advanced AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP). Since this technique allows machines to comprehend human text, the tools operating on NLP can accurately perform automated text summarization.

Besides NLP, AI-based tools also take assistance from extractive and abstractive text summarization approaches. These strategies assist the automated utilities with the actual summary-generation process. So, the tools using abstractive and extractive summarization approaches find the important sentences according to the context and revamp them in unique wording. Doing so ultimately helps them craft plagiarism-free and accurate summaries.

Applications of Manual and Automated Text Summarization

The concept of summarization has already been implemented and can be applied to various fields. Therefore, we will discuss the usability of this concept according to each field. The following points emphasize some fields where implementing the art of text summarization can prove extremely beneficial:

Research and Writing

When it comes to writing a blog post, assignment, article, or some other type of content, research plays a key role. The research phase involves exploring various sources and reading them thoroughly. This process often takes a lot of time. But you can optimize this process by taking assistance from summarization.

Instead of manually going through all the sources, you can use text summarization algorithms to quickly get to the gist of the material. Doing so will save you time and help you understand the main ideas quickly. Ultimately, you can be more productive by using the saved time elsewhere.

Corporate World

People belonging to the corporate world often handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This practice can sometimes become hectic, which can ultimately downgrade productivity. However, corporate professionals can use the automated summarization approach to enhance their efficiency.

For instance, corporate or business executives can implement the text summarization approach to condense the content of lengthy emails. Doing so will help them provide a quick overview of the message’s content and prioritize their tasks. Similarly, corporate professionals can also shrink business reports, financial documents, and market research, which will ultimately help them grasp key insights efficiently.

Internet Surfing

The world has become a busy place. Therefore, when people browse the internet, they don’t want to open multiple sources. Instead, they want an optimized internet exploring process. This is where search engines can apply the concept of summarization.

Besides providing metadata, search engines can also provide a summary of each webpage’s content. People can read the provided summary to find the relevancy of a webpage. This approach will optimize the entire browsing process and make people more productive.

Content Marketing

Research shows that people are less likely to read an all-textual post. Instead, in order to understand the content of a blog post or article, people prefer reading its conclusion section. This is where content marketers can implement the art of summarization.

Webmasters and bloggers can use the concept of text summarization to include a conclusion section in their blog posts and articles. Doing so will prove beneficial in reducing the bounce rate and maintaining the user experience of a website or blog. Since a low bounce rate and better user experience are crucial for success in the online world, a website or blog concluding its content will ultimately be more likely to succeed than others.


The e-commerce industry is expanding at an exponential rate. As a result, it has now become difficult for beginners to stand out in such a crowded field. But don’t worry because implementing the concept of summarization can help beginner e-commerce business owners.

New e-commerce business owners can implement the art of summarization in the reviews of their products. Doing so will quickly help people understand the usability of a product. Ultimately, it will aid in quick decision-making. And since this idea is fairly unique, by implementing this concept on your platform, you will be more likely to gain the attention of your target audience.

Final Verdict – The Conclusion

All in all, this era is flooded with information. In such times, it has become essential to swiftly distill key ideas. That’s where text summarization comes in handy.

The concept of summarization has made it easier for people to engage with information across various domains. From streamlining research and decision-making to facilitating quick access to relevant content, the applications of text summarization are diverse and impactful. Therefore, read the above discussion to understand the detailed applications of automated and manual text summarization.