How To Write A Curriculum Vitae, Samples & CV writing Tips

how to write a curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae(CV) provides a detailed overview of career summary, experience, academic credentials, skills, projects, research, publications, awards, and achievements. In other words, a curriculum vitae(cv) is an elaborated version of a resume. Certain positions in education, research, medical, life sciences, etc. specifically ask for a curriculum vitae rather than a resume. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide on writing a curriculum vitae for a job application, simple curriculum vitae examples, download professional curriculum vitae templates, and the difference between resume and curriculum vitae. 

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You must know when to submit a resume and when to send in a curriculum vitae for a job application. The best way to find out if the employer is asking for a curriculum vitae is to read the job description. CVs are typically used for applying for academic positions, research fellowships, scientific positions, etc. 

how to write a curriculum vitae

How to write a curriculum vitae for a job?

A curriculum vitae is an important document. It represents your entire personality, experience, achievements, qualifications, and skills. As they say, the first impression is the last. A curriculum vitae is the first thing a recruiter sees. A perfectly crafted curriculum vitae can get you an interview call. At the same time, a messed-up cv can ruin your chances of getting hired. 

In a hurry? At the end of this article, you’ll find some great curriculum vitae examples but before that, it’s important to understand the process of writing a great curriculum vitae. 

Note: Never send the same cv for every position you apply for! Customize it. 

Mechanical Engineer Resume Template


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  1. Kiss it: Hey, I’m not asking you to kiss your cv, I mean Keep it simple silly! It is important to keep your cv simple and concise. Unless you are applying for the position of English professor. The language of your cv must be formal and simple. No slangs allowed. Do not elaborate everything, only what you must. Use summaries instead. 
  2. Be truthful: An employment survey in 2017 reported over 70% of job seekers provide false (at least one) information on their cv/resume. I understand it’s not easy to secure a job interview, but you must not pass on any exaggerated or a lie on your curriculum vitae. It’s a crime. 

Most employers conduct a background verification before making a hire. And trust me, it’s easy to verify everything you mentioned on your cv. You’ll get caught. And I don’t have to tell you the consequences. Right! 

Administration executive, manager resume sample


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  1. Pick a great format: do you know why picking the right curriculum vitae format is so important? It represents you. People like what they see. It’s not just any document. Imagine meeting someone messy, untidy, dirty clothes kind of person. You wouldn’t want to meet him again, right! 

Starting from a great curriculum vitae template, fonts, bold, spaces Everything matters. I strongly recommend that you seek help from a professional cv writer. If not, ask some of your friends to review your cv before you send out your job applications. 

A great curriculum vitae(cv) format improves your chances of getting an interview call by 70%. We have shared some of the best curriculum vitae samples at the end of this article.

  1. Proof your CV: It’s always better to double-check your curriculum vitae for grammatical and spelling errors. Even better, ask someone else to proofread your cv for you. It’s often hard to catch your own mistakes. right!

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to write a curriculum vitae for a job. 

One question that has always baffled the job seekers about writing a curriculum vitae is what to include in a curriculum vitae and what to not.

Sales Representative Resume Sample


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You must understand how crucial it is to get the right curriculum vitae in front of the recruiter. A recruiter spends not more than 30 seconds on a CV. that’s it. That’s your window to secure an interview call. If your curriculum vitae fails to impress the recruiter, your chances of getting hired for that position are practically nil. Don’t worry we’ve got you. We have included a sample curriculum vitae for you to understand properly. And yes, don’t forget to check out how to make a curriculum vitae for a detailed guide. 

What to include in a curriculum vitae?

A curriculum vitae must include every information an employer demands. Make sure you customize your curriculum vitae every time you apply for a job. Be sure to incorporate every detail the employer is asking for to improve your chances of getting hired. Here is a general list of information a curriculum vitae includes. 

  1. Personal information and contact details: Writing your name on top of the curriculum vitae along with your postal address and contact information is a common practice. However, always avoid using fancy fonts, slang, nicknames, and fancy email addresses. At the same time, I strongly advise against sharing personal details like religion, political preferences, sexual preferences, social security number, name of spouse or children, etc. 
  2. Academic details: make sure you mention your certifications and degrees along with the institute/university name and passing year. 
  3. Employment history: Starting with the most recent job first, mention all your employment records with duration in reverse chronological order. Also, you must elaborate on the roles and responsibilities in detail.
  4. Skills: The skill section of your curriculum vitae must showcase your relevant skills and expertise.   
  5. Achievements & Awards: you worked hard to achieve them, right! It’s time to brag about your achievements, awards, and appreciations that you may have received during your past employment. Your curriculum vitae gives you an excellent opportunity to inform the employer that you are a hardworking and committed individual. 

curriculum vitae examples

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curriculum vitae template

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curriculum vitae sample

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curriculum vitae sample format

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