How to optimize your linkedin profile for maximum exposure

linkedin profile optimization tips

Best LinkedIn profile tips to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

‘Your network is your net-worth’ is the saying that every single individual that aspires to achieve what they dream of should know about. Linkedin is one of the best and biggest platforms that connects you with your colleagues and other professional individuals or companies that might help you to excel in your career.

 LinkedIn can be used to find that perfect job, internship, or even to find a course that can help us in making our job profile much stronger and polished. 

LinkedIn has created an interface with an organic profile-making option that if done in the right way will showcase your skills to attract potential companies to hire you or other businesses to collaborate with you to increase your business or job profile. 

It is an online platform so everything that you want is just a few clicks away. Here you just have to create a profile, build your network to find the right job and participate actively in the chats and programs and consistently post content that is impressive and related to your field so other people from the same field might notice you and hire you. 

What is the significance of having a good LinkedIn profile?

The professional platform has been around longer than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With more than 600 million professional profiles it has the highest potential to either build your brand or to find a job that you have been dreaming about since forever.

LinkedIn makes it very easy for you to keep in touch with professional individuals and helps you to do extensive research on companies and individuals that can inspire you in several ways. 

From building your network to being updated about the market news, LinkedIn helps you to become a better professional entrepreneur, employee, or businessman. 

It also ranks up your name on google, as when an employer is hiring you he will search your name on google and gauge your credentials according to what Google suggests. Therefore, it is highly significant for you to have a good LinkedIn profile.

Let’s see how you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn to get hired before your competition. 

Create a network

LinkedIn has features almost similar to Instagram or Facebook where you follow pages and/or hashtags that are relevant for your job profile. By following these and also following the people who run that page or are exclusively visible in that hashtag, you can easily increase your network. 

This leads to other people in the same group, recommending you on their pages snowballing your profile towards a better job. The key here is to search for the right groups and follow the right profiles. Lastly, you need to be confident enough to initiate conversations with other professionals. 

Use right keywords

When you create your LinkedIn profile, there are several things that you need to fill in like your educational background, your skills, and achievements, etc. here you have the opportunity to use the keywords that have high weightage and can have a huge impact on your future networking. 

You can find these keywords on different profiles or pages that are relevant to you or your business. Compare the ranks of the pages and the keywords they use to skim out the most useful ones for your profile. 

Build the right profile

Sell yourself in the most organic way possible. Creating that perfect profile takes time and experience. Boosting yourself and presenting yourself as a brand that can provide the best service possible is an essential key in increasing your visibility.

From your volunteer work and small certificate course to the professional jobs, Honors and Awards you can upload anything and everything that has the potential of making your profile more credible and has the potential of getting yourself hired. 

Seek endorsements 

You as an employee must have helped someone or been of great service to your firm and employer. They, very respectfully, are in debt of your hard work. You can ask them or their colleagues to recommend you on their LinkedIn page and groups, making you stand in the limelight for a decent amount of time. 

Endorsement acts as the credit you need for the hard work that you put in. Reaching a larger crowd and being visible is the fruitful outcome of being a good employee or a good service provider. You can also opt for third-party services that will allow you to buy LinkedIn likes to boost your reach and credibility. 

Use your LinkedIn profile everywhere

Like you need an endorsement from your colleagues in LinkedIn, you can advertise the same yourself by attaching the link of your LinkedIn profile to every social media platform you use. Self-promoting on the platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other, where you have more followers and reach will increase your profile visits and make you visible on different LinkedIn users’ news feeds. 

Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

When you write regularly on Pulse and maintain a blog consistently, with relevant content and organic hashtags will bring you to the radar of many top-end businessmen, HR firms, or Headhunters. 

If you maintain the quality of the content you publish then it can impress the reader and presents you as an intellectual individual and a suitable person to fit a specific job profile.

Comment on other pulse uploads

Commenting on others’ posts also makes your profile more visible because, when you comment, the person who has published the article might notice you and see your work and profile eventually leading to a conversation between you and him/her thus, building your network.

You can also attach the link to your LinkedIn profile in the comment and self-promote yourself there. 

Winding up, 

Here we got to know about the significance of LinkedIn and how you can increase your visibility on the platform in an organic way. You’re networking skills and pro-social skills are honed and polished here making you a more suitable candidate for various jobs. 

Here, when you know what you are doing and have thorough knowledge on how to create a profile worth visiting, it can make a huge difference. As the platform is free to use, it is the best and most feasible option for any individual to grow and maintain a quality reputation in the market.