How to Edit Your Post Like a Pro on Instagram? 


As we all know, Instagram is a visualised photo and video-sharing platform. It is mainly used by people to post their day-to-day activities and show off their happy lives on social media. Meanwhile, Instagram is constantly updating its features and introducing new ones. It is one of the many reasons it remains a favourite application for most younger generations.

Instagram users invest their time in posting content and become famous personalities as social media influencers. They post Reels, videos, and image content that catches the attention of the people and keeps them attentive. Additionally, they make interesting content and try free instagram views trial to increase their profile reach and follower base instantly.

Here is some useful information that will make your post look beautiful. Keep reading further to know some unknown tricks.

Editing Your Content Before Posting

If you are sharing for the first time, you have many options. Instagram allows users to make the required changes to their posts before uploading.

If you’re on a budget you can use a free image editor online

Steps to be carried out for posting

  1. Click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top right of the feed page.
  2. Choose the photo and start editing.

These two steps are the primary ones, and the actual editing begins from here. Editing involves some of the essential tools, which are discussed below.

Adjustment of Your Image

After choosing your image, you must tap the arrow mark option in the right corner. It will take you to the filter page, where you can find many filter effects. You can adjust your filter transparency, which will range up to 100 percent.

Then select the arrow button, and it opens up the options such as Adjust, Brightness, Saturation, Structure, Shadows, Contrast, Warmth, Colour, Tilt Shift, Sharpen, Vintage, Highlight, and Fade. It will make your image more appealing than before.

Sharing Options

After editing your image, click the arrow button on the sharing page again. This is the final process for sharing your post.

In this, you can adjust the sharing options like

  • Adding captions.
  • Adding hashtags.
  • Add music and location.
  • Tagging people.

If you want your post to be shared with other social media applications, you can slide the button below the also post option on the sharing page.

Advanced Setting

Advanced setting options allow you to recheck the content and edit your comment control, preferences, accessibility, and branded content. For example, you can turn off the comments for your post by using comment control.

Preferences allow you to sync with other social media platforms, while accessibility will provide alt text for visually impaired persons.

Branded content is mainly used by business partners, and it permits your partner to promote. As a result, entrepreneurs highly benefited from this feature. Similarly, consider trying Emberify, which will help to increase your brand engagement rapidly.

Edit and Post Like a Professional

Instagram is a platform where millions of pictures are uploaded on a daily basis. So if you want to stand out from that crowd, follow these ideas.

#1 Image Lighting

Click your pictures under the proper lighting. Photos with poor lights will not be attractive and Insta-worthy. It would be advisable to prefer natural light rather than artificial lighting. So schedule your photo session according to the weather.

#2 Shapes and Colour Preferences

If you want to attract your viewers with your post, you must taste good in colours. So prefer some good angles for your post and use them in your images. Even if you are not so perfect at editing, you can take the help of the Instagram application in-built tool for your editing process.

#3 Perception of Your Image

Using the same pose and angle for every post will be blunt. Have some variations in your feeds. You can click pictures from above, below, or at the ground level and choose your angle. You should follow this habit if your photographs need to be interesting.

#4 Focusing Minor Details

Focusing on the small details will result in creating a flawless post. Instead of focusing on the main subject, pay some attention to background details simultaneously. For example, if you are taking a picture standing in front of a mountain or valley, ensure that you get the details of the atmosphere. In simple words, you can include the background of the hill, like its landscape, riverbed, etc.

#5 Quality Over Quantity

Follow the method of maintaining quality over quantity in your post feeds. It is the best way to get famous quickly. To make things work in your favour, use proper light effects for pictures. If you are posting a single picture, be it a high quality grasping one.

Editing Reels

Reels are short video clips that can be played for up to a minute. It is the place to reveal your creativity by editing intriguing videos. In order to make an engaging video, first, you need to decide the length of your Reel.

Using transitions in your video, like slideshow, wrap, and zoom, are some effective effects that will make your video attention-grabbing. In case, if your reels are engaging, there are chances of being featured on the Explore page and becoming a creator. Similarly, Emberify will help you instantly elevate views for your Reels and followers for your page.

Instagram Feed Posts Videos

Instagram feed posts are an easy way for uploading your videos. It made it even easier for the users to edit their videos inside the application. There are some key points to be kept in mind while posting videos are,

  • Dimension: First, you need to set the suitable size of the video. Whether it should be in the square format or it would be better in an original way.
  • Time Constraint: Instagram has allotted a specific time limit for a video post. So plan your content consequently.
  • Filters and Trim: You can use the Instagram application to add filters and trim your videos. It would be boring if your posts were too long, and your viewers will automatically lose interest in your posts. So keep it short and engaging content.

Final Thinkings

Though Instagram is not a professional tool for editing your content, it lets you play with its unique features, like in-app editing options. As an adding advantage, you can edit your content after posting and repost it on your account.

Explore the ways that are unexplored and make your post come alive!