How To Ask For A Recommendation Letter

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How to request someone to write a letter of recommendation?

Simple! could you write a recommendation letter for me? Easy right?? Maybe. Let’s find out.

Who doesn’t want to see his name on the list of preferred candidates? But how do you accomplish this? Simple. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. Give them something that no other candidates have. A letter of recommendation. A letter or testimonial from your previous employers, colleagues, or superiors endorsing your skills and expertise. However, it is difficult to ask someone to write you a recommendation letter, but it is worthwhile if you know that this letter will help you land your dream job. If you know you can rely on someone for a strong recommendation letter. This article will teach you the fundamentals of “How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter” and serve as a foundation for your recommendation letter request.

What is a recommendation letter?

You’ve probably come across a section called “references” on a job application form. Have you ever wondered why they require them? Or what is the point of requesting references? Simply put, they are looking for people who can recommend you for the necessary skills and knowledge, as well as provide first-hand testimony of working with you. They are also looking to see if you have been trustworthy, hardworking, and loyal to previous employers. A recommendation letter is an endorsement letter from these former colleagues, supervisors, and employers attesting to your skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Who to ask for a letter of recommendation for a job

Typically, you can request a letter of recommendation from someone who has worked with you, supervised you, hired you, or used your services.

  1. Supervisor
  2. Manager
  3. Team Leader
  4. Colleagues
  5. Clients

How to ask for a recommendation letter – Tips

You can just say “would you please write a recommendation letter for me?” or do it right! A recommendation letter can help you increase your chances of getting that job or scholarship. Here’s how to write a recommendation letter request.

Keep these tips in mind and you shall have what you are looking for. 

  1. Determine the right recommender: Prepare a list of qualified individuals to whom you would ask for a recommendation letter. People who have observed, supervised or mentored you are likely to have useful information about you. Choose the person based on the reason for your request for a recommendation letter. 
  2. Seek Consent: Call or meet with the person ahead of time to see if they are comfortable and willing to write a recommendation letter for you.  
  3. Ask in Advance: You must obtain a recommendation letter well in advance if you are applying for a job, a scholarship, or college admission. It’s possible that the recommender will need some time to write it. 
  4. Explain your requirement: It is critical that you explain your reason for requesting the recommendation, as well as your skills and experience. Be specific about the letter’s contents (focus key phrases). 
  5. Provide necessary information: You must provide them with sufficient information to help them understand your need for the recommendation letter. For example, if you are applying for a job, include the job description, your current resume, a summary of previous performances and achievements, a list of suitable skills and expertise, the skill required for the job, and a tentative deadline. 

Sample request for letter of recommendation from manager/Letter of recommendation request email/How to write an email asking for a letter of recommendation for a job/scholarship

Hi Jason,

I hope everything is going well for you! I am currently applying for the position of Digital Marketing Manager at ExoMeda Ltd. The hiring manager has requested that I submit a detailed letter of recommendation from someone who can effectively describe my experience, skills, and accomplishments. Based on our years of collaboration, I am confident that you can help me write an effective, honest, and detailed letter on my behalf.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could write a letter of recommendation for me that highlights my accomplishments, work performance, and commitment to the job. I’ve been told to turn in the letter by the 31st of June. In addition, if there is any information I can provide to assist you in writing the letter more thoroughly, I would be delighted to submit it to you.

Thank you for your time.