Can resignation be withdrawn after acceptance?

can you rescind resignation letter

If you recently resigned from your job, you are probably having second thoughts and are wondering can resignation be withdrawn after acceptance. It’s fine; most of them do it. Humans are prone to being concerned about an uncertain future. I’m sure you’ve already accepted a new job offer and devised a transition strategy. But you don’t want to leave right now. Perhaps you received a counteroffer from your current employer, or the new position is not providing you with what you expected, or you discovered some negative reviews about your new employer and would prefer to stay with your current employer.

But, can you withdraw your resignation? Let’s find out. 

It is acceptable to have second thoughts. Maybe it’s for the best until you get a better offer. The decision to rescind the resignation appears to be the correct one. But, what if HR has already begun looking for a replacement and interviews are underway? 

Will they allow you to stay now?

The answer is, No. The majority of employers will not allow you to retract your resignation letter. However, in some cases, companies will allow you to withdraw your resignation letter and continue in your current position. Do you think you have a chance? If yes, Let’s find out how to withdraw a resignation letter.

Here’s what you can do if you want to retract your resignation letter.

Speak to your reporting manager: Speak with your reporting manager before sending a formal email retracting your resignation letter. He might be able to tell you whether or not you have a chance. It’s preferable to have him on your side in case the management requires some convincing.

Speak to HR: The HR manager is the best person to help you understand your options. Speak with your HR manager and explain that you made a mistake and would like to keep your position.

Put it in writing: Assuming you were able to persuade your HR manager/reporting manager to keep you, it’s time to write a formal resignation withdrawal letter. You must submit a professional resignation retraction letter requesting that you be allowed to continue in your current position. Keep in mind that you are writing a request letter. The outcome could be positive or negative.

Prepare for a negative answer: Did you know that before accepting a resignation letter, management looks at everything from performance to conduct? If they have already accepted your resignation letter, your chances of staying are slim. It’s best to be prepared for a negative response. Keep your resume on hand and your job search going in case you need to find a new opportunity.

Legal options: You’re probably wondering if your employer has the legal right to reject your resignation withdrawal letter. Yes, the answer is yes. It is entirely up to your employer whether to accept or reject your resignation retraction letter. You cannot challenge your employer’s decision in court unless you find it to be discriminatory.

Note: You should be able to get more information about your rights and obligations in your employment contract. I strongly advise you to read your employment contract to assess your chances before you write a resignation withdrawal letter.