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Technology has helped job seekers and companies speed up the hiring process. Every job is published out there on the internet and is just a click away. At the same time, corporates have started using the Applicant tracking systems(ATS) to manage their recruitment process and resume parsing. If you do not have a professionally crafted resume, your resume won’t make it. 

If you are not trained to understand the specific requirements and technology, your resume might be getting lost in the process. When you work with our resume writing service, you are investing in a smoother job search. The moment you stop worrying about your resume, you start investing your time in preparing for the interview. 


It doesn’t create an image that matches the salary/job level you want

It doesn’t provide a short, comprehensive summary of your top 4-5 skill areas 

It doesn’t focus on your key achievements

It doesn’t market your bottom line achievements, making you highly attractive to potential employers

It doesn’t effectively market your skills

It doesn’t use layout that directs the reader’s eye to your top skills in seconds

Your resume titles are weak, unrelated with skill headings that match the jobs you want

It doesn’t use subheads that grab attention and drive the reader through your resume

It doesn’t convince employers that you are well qualified and a top candidate

It doesn’t capitalize on most of your relevant experience, even if it’s short

It doesn’t prioritize your most important skills for maximum impact 

It doesn’t create an image of your skills strong enough to drive the interview forward

It doesn’t market you strongly enough to offset an employer’s risk in hiring you

It doesn’t effectively market your lower-level jobs if you are a recent graduate

It doesn’t de-emphasize your short or erratic work history


You may also be experiencing one or several of the following problems. 

You’ve sent out hundreds of resumes but only landed 1-2 interviews

You are landing interviews but getting terrible salary offers

You get 2nd & 3rd interviews but don’t get hired

You are trying to make a career change but can’t get interviews

You need a higher salary but you don’t look qualified

You want management, have the skills but not the titles

You are a recent graduate, but can’t get interviews for better jobs

You have skills for a better job but can’t land interviews

You are in a highly competitive field and need a very strong resume

You are re-entering the workforce after an absence and can’t get any interviews

Interviewers tell you, ‘You are overqualified.’

Interviewers tell you, ‘You are under qualified.’

You are an executive with a limited pool of jobs you can apply for, therefore your resume must maximize each contact and generate interviews at every possible turn

If you identified with any of these statements, rest assured that we have dealt successfully with all of these issues for our clients

Resumes also have a dramatic impact on our standard of living based on the salaries we generate or loss of income we experience due to a weak resume that fails to get you the right job

Our resume writers precisely understand what a recruiter likes in a resume. 

how to create resumes that really do stand out! 

Clients report that their resumes get selected and that they not only land the interview–they get hired!  Now that’s a real feat!  

By asking specific questions we’ve learned over the years, our resume writers can quickly obtain key data from clients that elevate their resumes, self-image, and self-confidence by leaps and bounds.  

For example, one of our clients was working for an MNC.  She desperately needed a job switch. Her old resume had this statement buried in a block of other uninteresting statements:  

“Provide pre and post-sales support for global accounts.” 

When our resume writer asked:  “What is the level of revenue generated from such accounts?  How many projects do you manage annually?”  She said, “I manage a very large account with a current annual revenue plan of $100 million.  As the Global Service account manager, last year I managed 350 projects; 150 new installations and 335 maintenance projects.”  Compare the statement above to her new one below, along with the bolded subhead our cv writer used to start that section:

Management of Global Service Installations for $72 Million Account – Lead for the Global Service Installation Team in … 

Management of the X account with a current annual revenue plan of $84 million; held responsibility for managing 200 new installations and 325 maintenance projects in 2018. 


By knowing what questions to ask and then writing powerful content using our client’s answers our resume writers are able to achieve a dramatic transformation between before and after resumes.  

Then understanding how to direct and control the employer’s/recruiter’s eye path, Our resume writers very carefully set up job titles and skill headings so that they stand out and quickly grab attention.  

Once the entire resume is re-written resume writers go through it and pick out the most powerful statements in the resume that convey skills in 3-5 major areas (those employers will be most interested in based on each person’s specific career goals) and use that to write the objective and summary of qualifications section.

Which heading will be most effective in grabbing this particular employer’s attention? Landing more interviews?  Landing a higher salary?  

Lastly, when you’ve ordered our resume service you’ll receive our Interview booklet series free of charge.

Clients find through the process of our writing their resume with them … that they learn a tremendous amount about how to create a resume that elevates their image, ability to land more interviews and negotiate higher salaries.  This knowledge combined with our interview booklet results in clients telling us that they have gained far more than what they were expecting.  

Clients report they now understand how to control not only their current job search but future job searches … how to successfully apply for a greater range of jobs … make a career move … and market themselves more effectively on the job to achieve accelerated career growth and promotions. 

When we work with our clients, our resume writers apply the same process whether it’s for a retail clerk, secretary, manager, executive, or high-tech professional–although it is very individualized based on the questions we ask due to each person’s unique set of skills, goals, and career.   First, we need to understand what each person’s career and salary goals are, then we review and analyze the job ads they send us to identify key skill requirements … then based on all of this information resume writers ask each client specific questions to pull answers from them that I use to rewrite the entire resume.

You get just one opportunity to let your potential employer understand your career history, your skills, past achievements, and expertise. He needs to know why he must consider you for the job out of hundreds of other applicants.

You get just one chance, one glance to show them that you have the required experience, skills and motivation to that is required for the job. With our professionally crafted resume, We’ve been helping job seekers stand out from the crowd for over 10 years.

How does the resume writing process work? 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1. You send us your current resume for a preliminary screening. Answer a few questions about what type of job you’re looking for, your experience, education, and skills.

Step 2. A professional resume writer is assigned. Your resume writer will be in touch with questions or to get more details.

Step 3. We’ll email your professionally written resume to you within 48-72 hours.

Our Guarantee

Our professional resume writer will work with you to refine the content of your Professional Resume until you are happy with your professionally drafted resume and are confident that it represents you perfectly.

Our resume writing experts carry an average of 5 years of multi-industry experience and are certified by the Professional 

Our resume writers helps you with

  • A Keyword rich resume that gets noticed by the hiring managers and applicant tracking systems. 
  • Recruiters give more value to the candidates with professionally written resumes than their self-written versions. With a professionally written resume, you can show that you are serious about your image and the job. and that means a bigger paycheck
  • Instead of wasting your time browsing through thousands of freely available resumes over the internet, you would be able to focus your time on the job search and interview preparation. Simply outsource your resume writing to our professional resume writer and see the magic.

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