Supreme Court Blocks Student Loan Debt Relief Plan Proposed by President Biden

men and a woman protesting in front of the supreme court of the united states

Sources: In a significant development regarding student loan debt relief, the Supreme Court has ruled against President Joe Biden’s plan to provide relief to borrowers. The court’s decision on the matter of student loan debt relief, which was closely watched, has dealt a blow to the Biden administration’s efforts. The sharply divided Supreme Court held that the administration had exceeded its authority in attempting to address the student loan crisis. The ruling effectively blocks the implementation of the student loan forgiveness program proposed by the President.

Under President Biden’s plan, which aimed to alleviate the burden of student loans, up to $20,000 in federal student loans would have been canceled for 43 million people. Among them, 20 million borrowers would have seen their remaining student debt completely erased through this student loan debt relief initiative.

However, the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision, with conservative justices in the majority, has stated that such a costly program necessitates endorsement from Congress. Without Congressional approval, the proposed student loan debt relief program cannot move forward. As a result, American households, collectively burdened by $1.6 trillion in education debt, will be required to resume monthly loan payments, ending the temporary relief they had experienced for over three years.

While this ruling places the responsibility of repayment back on borrowers, it may lead to a reduction in this year’s deficit, at least on paper. The Department of Education had estimated that the student loan forgiveness program would cost taxpayers approximately $30 billion annually over the next decade in foregone loan repayments, totaling around $305 billion. The net present value of the loan forgiveness was estimated to be $379 billion over a ten-year period.

It is worth noting that the Supreme Court’s decision on student loan debt relief may prompt further action from the Biden administration. The President is expected to explore alternative actions to protect borrowers and address the pressing issue of student loan debt.

This ruling comes as a setback to the administration’s efforts to provide student loan debt relief and underscores the importance of Congressional support in implementing such programs. The Supreme Court’s decision on the matter of student loan debt relief will have far-reaching implications for millions of borrowers, who now face the prospect of resuming regular loan payments.