Starting a New Job? 5 Tips to Make a Great Impression

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A new job is an essential aspect of our lives, requiring every checklist to be tick marked. We must make a good impression, wear the right clothes, talk appropriately, and maintain positive body language.

It is human nature to gauge another person’s personality and abilities within a few seconds of meeting them. Thus, once you start a new job, people are bound to judge you based on the first notions formed. 

Also, building positive impressions on the first day of the job is imperative as negative notions may get very difficult to shake off. These impressions have a significant impact on your future in the firm as well.

This is why recruitment experts often advise making special efforts to be your best when joining a new job. Well, here is the guide to lend you a helping hand in having a great start in your new profession.

Expert Tips on Making a Good Impression in a New Job

As per a study, impression management plays a vital role in career success; thus, every employee should make conscious efforts to follow it. Here are a few relevant expert tips that can assist you in getting everything impression right in a new job.

  1. Dress Appropriately

It always pays well to pay heed to dress appropriately when you start a new job. While some firms are lenient on dress codes, some are very strict and prefer a formal dressing style. So, prepare in advance and get all the information about any dress code. 

The perfect way to decide your dress code is to observe your colleagues and co-workers ad get an idea. Also, browsing the company’s website and social media pages beforehand can help plan the dress.

  1. Learning Colleagues’ Names Quickly Helps

No one would, however, expect you to remember all your colleagues’ names within the first week. But it would help to pay attention to your immediate co-workers’ names. This enables you to maintain a comfortable relationship with your team members.

Thus, if you are bad at remembering people’s names, make conscious efforts to remind yourself about these names. 

You can also collect business cards from people upon meeting them. This again would come in handy when you meet the person again and want to refresh your memory.

  1. Ask Many Relevant Questions

You have a lot to learn while being a new recruit, and you must show off your curiosity. Thus, it is advisable to ask ample questions to understand your job and its requirements better. 

However, this does not imply that you need to ask irrelevant questions even when there are none. This could irritate your immediate seniors and hamper your impression as well.

Also, remember that no one will think you are unsuitable for the job if you ask too many questions. It is always better to get clarity instead of learning the facts the wrong way that you are doing something wrong.

  1. Use Your Phone Scarcely

If you are overusing your phone, it is bound to create a wrong feeling among your seniors. You can even get the label “you are always on the phone.” Believe it or not, it would not be easy to get rid of this label once you get it. 

Thus, even if you use the phone to take notes during a meeting with your manager, don’t. A manager likes to see his team members taking notes in writing rather than dwindling on the phone. 

Thus, putting your phone away while you are working is better for making a good impression in your new job.

  1. Take Initiatives in Work

You are given less work when you are a new employee, especially when it is your first day. This is done to help you get firm in your job without getting overwhelmed.

However, experts advise you to take the initiative in work and ask for more once you feel comfortable handling more significant projects.

Remember, managers like members who are willing to learn and show an optimistic attitude to take on more work.

Final Words

Whether it is your first new job or you are moving to a new job, the first few days are incredibly crucial. 

The first notion that your colleagues and managers form on meeting you can go a long way in marking your success in the firm. 

So, follow these tips as mentioned above and enjoy creating a fantastic first impression in our new job. Happy working!