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Investment Banking Cover Letter

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John Morris

HR Manager

State Bank of City

89 Garden Street

New York, New Jersey 7683

Dated: 18th of March 2021

Subject: Application Letter for the position of an investment banking executive

Dear Mr. Morrs,

This letter is in response to your organization’s job posting on dated April 16, 2021, for the position of announcing different job openings in your organisation. This letter is to inform you that I am interested in applying for the role of Investment banking executive.

I have two years of experience working in the financial business. I began my career as a banking intern at JP Morgan. Later, I was elevated to the position of banking executive, where my responsibilities included dealing directly with the bank’s clients. I used to advise consumers on their account information and measures they might take to achieve the greatest interest rates.

I have a bachelor’s degree in banking. With my professional experience and educational qualifications, I think I am an appropriate candidate for the employment opportunity.

I am enclosing my resume and looking forward to the interview.


 James Tyler

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