Desk Decorating Contest: Adding Color and Creativity to the Workplace

In the bustling world of the modern workplace, employees often find themselves amidst a sea of cubicles and desks that look strikingly similar. However, a creative tradition is changing the game and infusing vibrancy into office spaces – the Desk Decorating Contest. This friendly competition allows employees to transform their workstations into personalized, imaginative havens, creating an environment that inspires creativity and showcases individuality.

The Desk Decorating Contest: Unleashing Creativity

Why Desk Decorating?

The Desk Decorating Contest is more than just an opportunity to bring a pop of color to the office. It serves several essential purposes:

1. Fostering Creativity: Decorating a desk requires employees to think outside the box and find innovative ways to personalize their workspace.

2. Building a Positive Work Environment: A well-decorated desk not only uplifts the employee but also influences their immediate surroundings, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the office.

3. Showcasing Individuality: Employees can use their desks as a canvas to express their personalities, interests, and creativity, fostering a sense of pride in their workspace.

4. Encouraging Engagement: The contest is an excellent team-building exercise as employees collaborate on ideas, share inspiration, and vote for their favorite designs.

The Elements of a Successful Desk Decorating Contest

1. Theme Selection:

To kick off the contest, choose a theme that resonates with your workforce. Themes can range from seasonal motifs to pop culture references, allowing employees to align their designs accordingly.

2. Guidelines and Fair Play:

Set clear rules and guidelines to ensure fair play. This may include defining the allowed decorating time, limitations on decorations that may interfere with work, and any budget restrictions.

3. A Panel of Judges:

Appoint judges who can evaluate the decorated desks impartially. Judges should consider creativity, execution, and adherence to the theme.

4. Prizes and Recognition:

Boost participation by offering prizes for winners. Recognition and acknowledgment create a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.

5. Employee Engagement:

Encourage employees to participate actively by sharing decorating tips, ideas, and inspirational examples. Creating a sense of community and collaboration is crucial.

Inspiring Desk Decorating Ideas

1. Seasonal Themes:

Embrace the beauty of each season. Decorate desks with the colors, symbols, and elements that represent a particular time of the year. From spring blossoms to winter wonderlands, seasonal themes are always a hit.

2. Pop Culture Icons:

Pay tribute to beloved pop culture icons. Decorate desks with references to classic movies, music legends, or current TV shows. Fans can display their passion through decorations.

3. Travel Destinations:

Take colleagues on a visual journey. Decorate your desk with elements inspired by your favorite travel destinations. Incorporate travel guides, postcards, or even a mini globe.

4. Literary Worlds:

Bookworms unite! Transform your desk into a literary escape by decorating it with books, book-related quotes, and beloved characters from literature.

5. The Great Outdoors:

Bring nature inside by decorating with elements from the great outdoors. Consider potted plants, mini waterfalls, or even a beach theme to create a relaxing ambiance.

Benefits of the Desk Decorating Contest

1. Enhancing Workplace Aesthetics:

A decorated desk adds character and charm to the office environment, making it a more visually appealing and stimulating place to work.

2. Boosting Morale and Creativity:

A personalized workspace has a positive impact on employees’ well-being, inspiring them to think creatively and perform better.

3. Fostering Team Collaboration:

Employees often exchange ideas and collaborate on decorating, creating opportunities for teamwork and communication.

4. Promoting a Sense of Ownership:

By allowing employees to personalize their workspace, they feel a sense of ownership, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and engagement.

5. Reducing Stress:

A well-decorated desk offers a sense of tranquility and calm, reducing workplace stress.

Desk Decorating Contest FAQs

Q: How often should the Desk Decorating Contest be held?

A: Quarterly or biannually is common. The frequency should be enough to maintain enthusiasm but not too often that it becomes routine.

Q: How can we prevent excessive noise or disruptions during the decorating process?

A: Set clear guidelines on noise levels and work disruption during the decorating period, ensuring minimal interference with other employees’ tasks.

Q: Are there budget-friendly decorating options for employees?

A: Yes. Encourage employees to use what they have at home or get creative with low-cost items. The goal is to foster creativity, not necessarily spend money.

Q: How can we make the contest more inclusive for all employees?

A: Choose themes that can accommodate various tastes and styles, and encourage diversity in decorating approaches. Additionally, ensure that participation is voluntary.


The Desk Decorating Contest isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about transforming the workplace into a more dynamic and personal space. By fostering creativity, showcasing individuality, and encouraging engagement, this tradition adds a splash of color and camaraderie to the office. So, unlock the doors of creativity and watch your workplace transform into a space that inspires and energizes employees. Desk decorating is more than just an aesthetic makeover; it’s a powerful tool for building a positive work environment that employees look forward to every day.